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Fassbender Assassin concept

since i can not wait until Fassbender’s Assassin’s creed movie released….
Let me just… let this go, ok? and still trying hard to resist designing McAvoy as Templaaarrrr…..

i'm designing the costume based on the latest Movie info:
it would take place during 15th century at Spain~
i love costume n character design~!
(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑
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you do know that his costume is dark in color. probably dark blue/black with gold. at least that's what I've seen in the Youtube trailers.

his character also has longer hair and a scraggly beard. go to Youtube and if it doesn't come up on the main page do a search for it.
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thank u~ this art concept was made and posted on 2014(u can see the date on thus submission) . wayyyy before the trailer or official concept was ever up to public. i just planning with my own idea😉
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Did you know that Ubisoft is officially releasing their own Assassin's Creed Movie, with Michael Fassbender as Desmond/Altair?……
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awesome design ^o^ 
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As a Spaniard, and fellow Assassin's Creed and Michael Fassbender fan, I must say I absolutely LOVE your design. 15th century Spain barely got its piece of the AC Universe through Assassin's Creed: Discovery. However, its status as handheld game meant that the graphics weren't that...stunning. That's why I think that it would be wonderful to see designs in the movie that do the setting as much justice as yours does.

Did you use anything as inspiration for this piece of art?
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hi there spaniard~
i totally agree with u, i really look forward for the movie too. i'm very glad they decided to make stand alone movie story rather then retold the story from the game. and for inspiration: nothing much, i dont have time doing lots of research. i only looking though 15th century spain's famous painting and designing the costume based on that period~
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omg hot hot hot Fassy XD
more of Fassy in assassin's robes plz
holy mother of god yes
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This is fantastic. Inner fan girl moment haha Fassbender is my favorite actor!!! I can't wait to see him in this movie!!! He'll be amazing!!
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For Desmond he would be great, but for Altair, not so sure...but none the less...i can't wait for it...;)
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hnnngg fantastic! :D
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I used to hate the casting but I have faith in Fassbender now. I really think he'll make a good Desmond.
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Oddly Enough it reminds me of Michael Fassbender
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it's odd indeed, coz i wrote the art title with fassbender name on it^^
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May God have mercy of my soul *.* this is amazing :)
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Hey. look! We can see his eyes and his hair! Yay! Very nice job!
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They're making a full-length movie? As in, not made by Ubisoft?
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Ubisoft's working on the movie as well
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But is it live action or is it computer animated like AC: Embers or the tie-in short film for AC2 with Giovanni Auditiore as the protagonist?
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this looks amazing :)
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