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If you've been following my work you will have seen me posting OC about my own world and may be wondering what different terms I use mean, where different places are, who different characters are and how they all link together. Well in this journal I shall try to give a brief introduction and explanation to various aspects of my world!

As it stands, all my fantasy creations take place on the same planet by may be in wildly different countries and in time periods from the world's ancient antiquity to points where their technology has advanced beyond our own.


Kyollyt is a region on the western edge of a rather large landmass generally known as Branakoyen and one might say that it is the world's 'Europe' although I disagree with such labeling since it generates preconceptions about the cultures that exist there (for example, I showed the map of Kyollyt to some people at university and they straight away pointed to one location and told me that it was obviously France when, as a matter of fact, the region in question is nothing like France). Kyollyt is largely made up of countries ruled by either humans or dwarves but there are numerous other bestial creatures, orcs, goblins, elves and demons who call the region home too. Humans in Kyollyt typically use 'RY' to denote the year. 'RY' stands for 'Reclamation Year' and counts the number of years since the majority of elves were forced to flee west across the ocean to their archipelago home. For example: 1660 RY denotes 1660 years since the expulsion of the elves.

Tenar is my second main region of focus currently. Although I have drawn preliminary maps of the area, I do not currently have a final one in the works. Regardless, Tenar is a large region that one may reach from Kyollyt by sailing west, past the elven lands and beyond. It is populated predominantly by Tenari humans who are ruled by an emperor who is believed to be immortal (well, he's lived for over a thousand years and has not died yet), however other sentient creatures live here as well. The Tenari are frequently antagonised by Lordrosian humans in south west, Samaarin humans in the north west and dwarves, orcs, undead, dark elves and others from most land borders and within. Elves sometimes make war from their homes in the east across the ocean as well. Capital is located at Khana.

A largely frozen land to the north east of Tenar inhabited by many human kingdoms who intermittently war among themselves or unite on occasion to war against their neighbours. Frequently harassed by dwarves and their draconic masters from the mountains of Senmat.
A mountainous region in Samaar's east (directly north of Tenar) populated by a wide variety of monsters. Several dwarf kingdoms that have been taken over by dragons and their spawn exist here.
Peninsular to Tenar's north east. Occupied by dark elves, dwarves and a variety of monsters.
A wealthy empire to Tenar's south west. Predominantly a desert, most of the population lives in bountiful floodplains lying around the great river which flows through this region.

Tempia is special in that it does not exist in my fantasy world, rather, it is a fictional country in our real world located in the South Pacific. Tempian and Tenari culture are essentially interchangeable except for the fact that the Tenari version is fantastical in nature. Tempia has possessions across the Pacific and in South America (predominantly Patagonia).

The character of my namesake. Brijeka Vervix comes from northern Tempia and lives a relatively normal life based roughly off of my own life, particularly in high school. She has to deal with problems like bullying, growing up, parental pressure and doing well in school. She likes reading and mathematics but doesn't like talking to people very much (they make her nervous) and has only a couple of friends. Brijeka is also timeless and can appear at many points, past present and future or even in different worlds such as my fantasy planet (wherein she is a Tenari). Sometimes creates self-insert Harry Potter fanart.

Lauren is an Esslian girl from Mercendon. Most of her family died when she was young and so ended up living on the streets until she tried picking the pocket of a travelling wizard named Tregorim. Tregorim decided to look after Lauren instead of punishing her and they traveled around Kyollyt for a while going on a number of adventures. One day, one of Tregorim's enemies had him assassinated so Lauren found herself on her own again. Now she travels Kyollyt and the wider world seeking vengeance on Tregorim's murders and also to bring down the rich and powerful whom she blames for her impoverished beginnings (largely for the lack of care they showed her).

So there you have it. A basic introduction to my world. I may update this as I create more.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art

Big fan of fantasy and sci-fi, in particular, creating my own worlds for stories and games.

Also love Harry Potter.

Please respect my OC. Having your creations used without your permission hurts (especially commercially) so if you want to use any names, characters etc... that I have created, please ask and if you're sharing elsewhere, please give credit! :) Having said that, if something I made inspires you to make your own OC, don't hold back! Just please don't use my creations without asking or giving credit. Thank you for understanding.

Feel free to watch if you want.

For basic information the fantasy world I am working on, click here.


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