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Oh god.

Irvine/Zell/Squall = FF8
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wouldnt mind being in zell or squalls place here lol
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Them poor souls, the very troubles of single-file party lineups.
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I've no ideia who you are, or what your gender is, but right now... I love you!

Every single time I went up or down a ladder I would imagine this! Thank you! XD
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I haven't played FF8  in years, but I remember wondering about this. I always felt a little sorry for them for some reason actually. ^^; It was still though, especially when Irvine was in the group for obvious reasons.
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The ladder mechanic made childhood fantasies much more interesting, especially when you mix up the party ;)

My favorite to play on ladders was Selphie, Squall, and Rinoa (in random orders).

Occasionally replacing Squall with Irvine and tossing Quistis into the mix here and there too.  Irvine and two girls and naughty ladder play.  That's just gold for some fun fanfics/comics :D
XLightningXX's avatar
:DDDD Just yesterday I was playing this and exactly like in this picture, I was climbing down and I was laughing my ass off:DDDDDDDD
NoMoreTurningAway's avatar
true definition of 'headbutt'
Trinitas127's avatar
Zell: "OH MY GOD ASDFGH&#R$TQ%&!..." DX
Squall: "...right." T_T
I almost pissed myself. ;D
toboe5tails's avatar
aaaaagh I always giggled whenever there was a ladder to climb because of exactly this ;w;
Ancient-Urban's avatar
Hahaha! Perfect! I was thought ladders were a little awkward in that game! <3ffviii<3
jokuvaa666's avatar
Yeah, there was definitely a need for fanart of this aspect of FF8.
Ayan-Laurel's avatar
I always noticed that too, also when Rinoa and Irvine are in the party and their coat/cape thing drops over the person belows head, I always wonder how can they see or concentrate with the fabric constantly hitting them in the face.
VengenceRutger's avatar
i love Squall's expression and Zell's reaction was absolutely priceless. *laughing my ass off*
SoraNoRyu's avatar
Every. Single. Time.

Although I mainly felt bad if I had Selphie lead the team upstairs, with Irvine right behind her... should have put more thought into that lineup.
Lupana's avatar
OMG ZELLLL !!!! XDD :heart: This is so hilarious!
HimmelMidgard's avatar
xD I thought the same, especially, that I had Rinoa and Irvine in the team :iconiloveitmoreplz:
Mc-Robin's avatar
my thoughts exactly xD
RedAces93's avatar
lmao!! I love this! XD Now I'll be picturing this every time they're on ladders X3
YuniX-2's avatar
Oh man, I always try to line the characters up so they're all occupying the same spot on the ladder. Also I've had Squall run around and rape all the NPCs. I mean... wait, what? I would never do that...
InvaderZimmerman's avatar
Yes! I'm not the only person to notice this! I always laughed when they went down the ladders because I felt like If I made them stop, everyone would collide and there would be a lot of butt to face time. haha
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