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Billie Holiday Unfinished

Honestly, this was my first painting in photoshop and i did the majority of it with a mouse. I can be a procrastinator so I dont know when I'll actually finish this piece, but i still love it. Hope you do too. Done in CS2
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This looks awesome!!
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Wow. Really gorgeous. I know you say this is unfinished, so I guess I don't know what I can point out that you should add, since you may already be aware of it. I'd say add more gradation from her mouth up to her cheek, especially where you'd have that crease formed from her open mouth, as well as some more value and creases around her eyes (again-you may have already thought of that. ^^)

The shading on her neck is beautiful, though the dark shade just under her jawbone may be too sudden of a transition as it moves further down her neck.

All-in-all, a really strong and stunning piece of an equally wonderful lady. I applaud you. :3
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Ok good advice. Thanks a lot DeterChi!