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Alexander:  *Piloting his starship, and soon sees the world of Inkopolis*  There it is!  There's Inkopolis!

*Lavinia, Cynthia, and Jamison see it, and so does Alexander's family*
I just uploaded a picture of Ora and Chester from the future, and I thought that Ora had blue eyes like her dad, because Chester already has green eyes like their mom.  Here's my picture if you haven't seen it yet:  Future Ora and Future Chester by Brightsworth-Heroes  But when I saw KellenLegendary's picture of Ora as a baby;   Meet Ora by KellenLegendary, I was like, "Crap, I got her eye color wrong.  Now I'm gonna have to fix my dupe of Future Ora to give her her correct eye color."
This is something I need to bring up.  You all remember Markus Colgate Nightshroud, right?  After he appeared in DarkMario2's Ask the Splat Crew series for a short time, first appearing to save Ivory from some rogue Octolings harassing her, he became one of my more popular characters, with some people even shipping him with Ivory.  While Ivory and Markus are an official couple in my Universe, Markus has stopped appearing completely in D-Mar's Universe.  While it does make sense considering D-Mar put down rules saying that he can't use other people's characters, some people still remember how Ivory was blushing whenever she was around him.
Everyone, listen here!  :iconlilrussianpanda: is treating :icontheinktolinglegend: like shit!  And he has a wife against him as well!  I will not stand to see Jayden get bullied and abused by him!  We need to rally together to put a stop to this!  Jayden is our friend, and we are here to defend him!  Tell LilRussianPanda to stay out of TheInktolingLegend's business, and to stop making his life even harder!  123emilymason, bravebravesirbrian, we need to stop this from escalating out of control!  WHOSE WITH ME?!?!?!
Have any questions for the Brightsworths and Splat Crew in my Universe?  Ask right here!

And if you're wondering what Splat Crew I'm talking about, I'm talking about :icondarkmario2:'s Splat Crew.
Here's something I need to bring up.  Even though Skull, Cassandra, Maximilian, and Jacqueline are over forty years old, they have a special gene that allows them to stay younger longer.  Because of this gene, Cassandra and Jacqueline will not be having menopause any time soon.
I'm thinking of writing my own Pokemon Story.  It will be called "Pokemon Shadow."  It will be a sequel to :iconkinglogan721:'s story, "Pokemon Heaven and Earth", and will feature the return of Clare, Danz, Merik, Logan, Ulare, Starline, Ztarline, Team Darx, and Team Negative.  But instead of Clare being the Protagonist, Alexander will be the main character, and will go through various Trials to become the strongest Trainer, similar to Pokemon Sun and Moon.  He will face Team Darx and Team Negative at various points in the story, but will come into conflict with a new villainous team, Team Shadow, who plots to take over the world with Shadow Pokemon (anyone who's played Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD should know what I'm talking about), and create a massive Shadow Pokemon Empire.  Alexander will also be allied with a Heroic team, Team Luminous, to snag the Shadow Pokemon and purify them.  Team Luminous will be headed by Neo Ztarline.

Tell me what you think in the comments below.
Here's something I should bring attention to.  When Alexander first came to Inkopolis, he had heard of Agent 3 and idolized him, and wanted to be like him.  But after he met Lavanna, he started questioning if it would be the right path.  After he and Lavanna rescued the others and learned of Lavanna's past, he felt bad for her.  Agent 3 said he would trust her for now, but Alexander read his mind and immediately knew he was not telling the truth.  Because of this, his idolization of Agent 3 shattered, as his views on how Octarian life and Inkling life should be treated equally now conflicted with Agent 3's views that the Octarians are evil, putting him into a vicious battle with Agent 3 in a thunderstorm.

(Note:  This only happens in my world)

Agent 3 and Lavanna belong to :icondarkmario2:

Alexander belongs to me.
Tagged by :iconcraegirl18:

1.  In the Brightsworth Dimension, Alexander is the oldest of ten kids.
2.  In another dimension, he is the older brother of Craemor and Wil.
3.  Has powers of Light.
4.  Cares about his family.
5.  Is super strong.
6.  Brought the Splat Crew, Azure, Coral, Leaf, Royal, Sky, Carmel, Dusk, and Coco and her brothers into his family.
7.  Lost his virginity to Lavinia.
8.  Has twin children with Lavinia in the future.

Try this:
:iconbravebravesirbrian:  Lavinia
:icondarkmario2:  Lavanna
Read this!

I know :iconbravebravesirbrian: doesn't want to use Ben anymore, but I just wanted to show how he had to deal with him and Mint getting separated.

Ben was loved by his mother and father.  He was their first child, and treated with a lot of love and care.

But when Mint was born, she was neglected and abused by both her parents.  Ben, being her older brother, was disgusted by his parents' treatment towards Mint, and treated her with the same love and care their parents had treated him.

After Mint was kicked out, their father had a fatal heart attack, and their mother left the house, Ben and Mint didn't see each other again for a long time.

After hearing this story, Jason Todd was enraged to the point that he traveled to Mint's mother's home, and killed her out of revenge, right in front of Ben.  Jason, however, knew Ben was not to blame for Mint getting abused and neglected, and he took it upon himself to try to reunite brother and sister.

I hope this helps clear up why Ben is so worried about Mint.

Mint belongs to :iconbravebravesirbrian:.

Jason Todd belongs to :iconjamaicanhedgie08:.
Alexander's IQ:  12000
Chloe's IQ:  11000
Damien's IQ:  11000
Alexandra's IQ:  11500
Eclipse's IQ:  10000 (Enough to get her through High School and College at age 12)
:iconthecriticalkidd: is feeling depressed.  Come on, everyone.  Let's show him that we care about him!
*One night, when Alexander was asleep, he was transported to his Dive to the Heart*

Alexander:  What?

Unknown voice:  Welcome.

Alexander:  *Sees a sword, a shield, and a scepter*

Voice:  Choose which path you will take.

Alexander:  *Looks at each weapon, and chooses the sword, taking the path of courage*

*Soon, Heartless and Nobodies surround him, and he engages them.  He defeats all of them and continues to press forward*

*At the final pillar, Alexander sees his shadow come out of the ground and transform into the DarkSide*

Alexander:  *Fights it and destroys it.  It nearly falls on him, but then Alexander absorbs it, increasing his control over his own darkness*
Since I can now communicate with my Awesome Bros. :iconbravebravesirbrian: and :iconkaifreshsquidpower: on Skype and Steam, I'm going to go back to drawing and uploading.  I need time to get back into gear, so just be patient.
Since my little brother, :iconbravebravesirbrian:, is not going to be on dA for a while, I'm gonna take a long break from this site.  Anyone that made requests with me, your going to have to wait a while longer.  I need to get my mind off of things that I can't control.

I hope everyone understands.
I just read :iconbravebravesirbrian:'s latest journal entry, and now I feel extremely pissed and sad.  My little brother's not gonna come back until summer!   Dammit!   DAMMIT!!!  :cries:
If I start to feel like I mean nothing to everyone, I want the following people to be here for me:

Please, be here for me when I need it.
-Enhanced Speed:  Epsilon Alexandra can move at speeds the human eye can't see.

-Enhanced Strength:  Epsilon Alexandra can lift things at thirty tons.

-Flight:  Epsilon Alexandra can fly without the assistance of wings.

-Invincibility:  Nothing can damage Epsilon Alexandra.

-Separation:  Epsilon Alexandra can separate someone being controlled by their other self with a single kick in the stomach.

-Light Manipulation:  Epsilon Alexandra can control light and fire pure light energy blasts from her hands.
-Enhanced Strength:  Alpha Alexander has the ability to lift things up to fifty tons.

-Flight:  Alpha Alexander has the ability to fly without the assistance of wings.

-Separation:  Alpha Alexander can separate someone being controlled by their other self with a single punch to the stomach.  Demonstrates this ability against Black Heart and Nightmare Moon.

-Invincibility:  Nothing can damage Alpha Alexander.

-Light Manipulation:  Alpha Alexander can control light and fire pure light energy blasts from his hands.