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Lance by Brightsworth-Heroes Lance by Brightsworth-Heroes

Now here's a new Character that will be the one to stop Janelle from stalking Markus. Meet Lance, a childhood friend of Janelle's and a good friend to Markus. He was a little mad at Markus for bullying Janelle, but understood he was defending :icondarkmario2:'s character, Ivory, after Janelle called her a freak of nature and said she shouldn't be with anyone. Lance knows that, even though Ivory is an albino, she is still an Inkling, and Markus cares about her. He was disappointed in Janelle's actions, but decided to tell her that stalking Markus would not solve her problems. He then tells her that Markus already has his eyes set on Ivory, which made Janelle feel even worse. But Lance tells her that he will be her boyfriend if she wants, before hugging her. Janelle realizes that she was making a mistake when she decided to stalk Markus, and accepted the fact that he wants to be with Ivory. Janelle started to cry, and Lance told her it was going to be okay, before kissing her on the lips. Janelle was surprised by Lance's action, but came to realize that he loves her. She finally confesses her feelings for Lance, and Lance accepts them. Now that she and Lance were a couple, Janelle stopped stalking Markus altogether. She apologized to Markus, Ivory, and Ebon for what she said to them. Markus accepts her apology, and asks her to never do it again. Janelle promises that she will never say harsh things like that again. With that, Markus and Janelle were now good friends.

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Lance belongs to me.
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