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Character Profile: Maximilian by Brightsworth-Heroes Character Profile: Maximilian by Brightsworth-Heroes
Name:  Maximilian Nightshroud

Nickname:  Max

Gender:  Male

Age:  42

Species:  Human in Inkling Form

Default Ink Color:  Black

Eye Color:  Blue

Weapons of Choice:  Hero Charger Replica, Mercenary Glaive

Personality:  Stoic, Calm, and Fearless

Sexual Orientation:  Heterosexual (Taken)

Mate:  Jacqueline (Wife)

Love Interest:  Jacqueline

Family:  Jacqueline (Wife)
Trish (Adopted Daughter)
Axel (Son)
Vivian (Daughter)
Markus (Son)
Diana (Daughter)
Sonia (Daughter)
Rachel (Daughter)
Michael (Son)
Chris (Son)
Lauren (Daughter)
Xavier (Son)
Ashlynn (Adopted Daughter)
Vexen (Son)
Sophie (Daughter)
Annabelle (Daughter)

Bio:  The patriarch of the Nightshroud Family, Maximilian was always a calm and collected individual, which is astonishing because he is the negative counterpart of Skull Corey Brightsworth.  He and Skull first met when they were teenagers, while Maximilian was out on his first mission as a mercenary.  At first, he didn't get along well with his positive counterpart, but when it comes to battle, the two work together as a team.  When Skull reclaimed his home kingdom from his evil Uncle, Maximilian was there to witness Skull being crowned the new King of the Kingdom of Light.  Later on, he met Cassandra's sister Jacqueline, and they later married and had kids of their own.  However, when his kids turned 4, Maximilian was captured by the evil Hizmael, forcing his family to flee to the positive world.  Hizmael tortured him to no end, and when the pain became unbearable, Hizmael then tried to turn Maximilian into a blood thirsty demon.  However, Maximilian's pure heart, and his desire to protect the ones he cared for made him immune to Hizmael's corruption, and he defeated him and escaped to the Positive World.  He later saved Jacqueline after she had been stabbed in the chest by Darx, and healed her wound.  They later went into hiding for years.  During Alexander's first adventure in Inkopolis, he encountered Maximilian multiple times, but did not know he was his Uncle.

Gear:  Hero Jacket, Hero Runners, Fake Contacts

Battle theme:…

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