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Oak King, Book of Shadows

A new page from my illustrated Book of Shadows. This section mainly deals with the autumn season.
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Very nice work :) How do you create those, if I may ask? Is it done all digitally? The drawing / painting is just great. I love the vibrant autumnal colors. The text looks maybe a bit too perfect compared to the hand drawn illuminations.
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Thank you for your interest in my work. For this border I started with a graphite pencil drawing using a 2H pencil. I then overdraw the pencil lines with a .30 technical pen. I then use my scanner to capture this drawing and use my select tools to only select the pen and ink lines, then reverse to drop out all other tones on the paper. In Photoshop CS5 I work in layers by placing textured layers underneath, then using the select tool to drop out the area for each leaf. And I use the unjust color features to add variety of color and tone for each leaf, and then the dodge and burn tool to add variety. I also use a paintbrush to continue to develop each individually leaf. The stem is also created in layers by dropping out to reveal textures on a lower layers. The text was added in CS. Some of my other borders were done using a combination of graphite, pen and ink, and colored pencils without the use of Photoshop.
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Thank you for your in-depth explanation. The results you get are amazing, the colors look really natural, that means as if they were done in traditional media and not digitally.