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Book of Shadows, The Classic 4 Elements, divPag

This Celtic knot border was the most difficult to date. The outside border was first a pen and ink drawing and then scanned into Photoshop where it was colorized and texturized. The inner border was drawn as a graphite pencil drawing and then scanned into Photoshop, using the multiply feature of the layer palette placed onto scanned parchment. The serpentine Lions to the right and left of the border was also a graphite drawing added the same way to the page. The symbols of the top, sides and bottom represent the four elements. The top center represents earth, center left represents water, center right represents Air and bottom center represents fire. The symbols in the outside corners represent the seasons of the year. The symbol in the top left represents winter, the symbol in the top right- spring, the symbol in the bottom left- summer, and the symbol in the bottom right - autumn. This page is a companion page to… As in all my work if anyone sees any typos or misspellings, please pass it along, I would appreciate it.

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Your work is extremely beautiful and very informative. I an very envious of your talent.
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This will help me in my studies. @_@
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This might help me in my studies...@_@
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Amazing, outstanding, and powerful! A moment before I saw this, I chose to use Air as a weapon against the forces of weapons of mass destruction. In the moment after that, I discovered your work. I noticed you forgot to add the letter 'd' in your description for the word texturized. I am thankful for this, for it must mean something that I found this, and that there is something significant about this work. I did not know that the 5th one, the Spirit, was a part of this concept. The idea of all of these is very spiritual, and I believe that they represent very meaningful things. I believe that 'air' is a tool for moving things; 'earth' a tool for structuring; 'fire' a tool for destroying; 'water' a tool for life; 'spirit' a tool for all, as you stated in your message. I will keep you on my watch to see what else comes from ye! Peace be with you, and never let go of your dreams. We need you in our world, and if you are willing to make sacrifices to harvest a wonderful world, ye may see something very powerful unfold from your efforts. I agree, life is short, but at least live in a way which will help you out in the future. I see that you hold a key to life, which many people do not, and I would like to have this key, if you could share it with me. I will give you my key and open many passages to many worlds, for this key, which I hold, is a key to heaven. Ye will be full of joy, once ye hold this key. It will bring you the best of the best, and show you a world of beauty, non-stop.

I shall carry forth with this knowledge, and deliver greatness to many people. Do not be upset if I do not understand your message, but please, stay strong, and move forward, where all great things must take place.
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And one more type-o on the main piece: Check the word "symbolized" in the center area. =)
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