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Book of Shadows Harvast Home-Thanksgiving Pg. 2

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The above border was first created as a graphite contour drawing based on the style of William Morris. Unlike other of my borders, I scanned the pencil drawing directly into Photoshop skipping the pen and ink steps. The border was then texturized and colored using different processes of adding and subtracting layers, textures and colors. The medieval ornamentation comes from a royalty-free design book by Dover called Medieval Ornament. Both the Pagan and Christian community debate whether the American Thanksgiving holiday is pagan in origin. The traditional Wiccan Thanksgiving is celebrated along with one of the three harvests Sabbaths, usually Mabon or Samhain. In my family we choose to celebrate this holiday on the traditional day of Thanksgiving. We use traditional customs of the day as well as incorporating a family shrine of deceased ancestors and loved ones. The altar is set up at Halloween and taken down after Thanksgiving. An empty place at our Thanksgiving table is set aside in honor of past ancestors and the Lord and Lady. A small portion of each dish is placed on the plate that will later that night be placed in the garden. Source of text is given on the page. This is part of my Book of Shadows. [link] The type font is Papyrus an Adobe font.

This page is a companion page to [link] As in all my work if anyone sees any typos or misspellings, please pass it along, I would appreciate it.

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This reminds me so much of the anime "Spice and Wolf". The main character is a harvest goddess, and the story begins with a harvest festival that resembles the one described in that text.
But the point here is that, after checking your gallery, I now believe you are one of the gods of illuminating and calligraphy, or at least, a powerful wizard in that area.