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Hetalia OC: Isle of Man
Country Information: 
Official Country Name: The Isle of Man
Capitol: Douglas
Languages: English, English Manx Dialect
Government: I have to put with England’s.
Legal System: Same as Government
Human Information:
Name: Isla Kirkland
Meaning: “Isla” means Island and as I am an island in my own right it makes sense. That’s what Scotland told me.
Age Appearance: I look about 16/17
Gender: Female
Birthday: 5th July. It’s Tynwald Day
About Them:
Personality: I’m quite quiet, making it easy for almost every country to overlook me but to be honest I’m happy that way. I still remember when lots of countries where after me. *shudders* it wasn’t fun.
I’m also peace loving and calm. I REALLY don’t like fights but I can pack a punch. It comes in handy while dealing with creeps like France and Prussia.
Although about once a year I become really a
:iconbrightstar221:Brightstar221 1 7
One Last Time by Brightstar221 One Last Time :iconbrightstar221:Brightstar221 3 0
Updated Sara Whiskers Bio
Name: Sara Mary-Ann Whiskers.
Age: 27.
Fur colour: Dark grey with a white muzzle and white stripe down her front.
Hair: Tail length, messy, wavy, dirty blond hair.
Eyes: Ice blue with a red circle surrounding her pupil.
Ethnicity: English… sort of her father was Welsh so she’s half English and half Welsh.
Language: English. She knows a little Latin. (more about that will be sort of revealed)
Species: Black rat.
Family Members: Fredrick Whiskers (Father Left when she was 6)
Emily Whiskers (Mother, murdered when Sara was 13)
Timothy Whiskers (Drowned)
Love Life: Ratigan.
Occupation: Works for Ratigan, often ending up in trouble thanks to the jobs he sends her on but she copes. Ratigan ‘pays’ her by allowing to live in his lair so she gets food, warmth and shelter in return for hard work, she complains but doesn’t really care. Sa
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What up guys?

Anyway, I actually am typing up my plan to make a Hamilton pic thing. Basically:

Taking some of my favourite Hamilton tracks and putting it to the characters from Brightstar's tale and a few extra's more info below, which is probably never going to finished but oh well.

The list of songs I'm doing is:
Alexander Hamilton
Aaron Burr Sir
My Shot
The Schuyler sisters
You'll be back
Wait for it
Meet me inside
What comes next?
What'd I miss?
Cabinet Battle 1/2
The room where it happens
Washington on your side
I know him
The Adams Administration
We Know
The Reynolds Pamplet
Stay Alive Reprise
The Election of 1800
Your Obedient Servant
Who Lives, Who Dies, Who tells your story

I am not adding anymore to this. You can't make me

The "cast" of this thing consists of:
Alexander Hamilton: 
Aaron Burr: 
John Laurens:
Marquis de Layfette:
Hercules Mulligan:
Thomas Jefferson: Brighteye/star
James Madison: 
Eliza Schuyler/Hamilton:
Angelica: Schuyler: Robinfeather
Peggy Schuyler: Whipsersong
Maria Reynolds:
George Washington: Grassclaw/star
James Reynolds: 
Philip Hamilton:
King George III:

I am sure you are wondering why there are a load of gaps in the cast list there are two legit reasons for that:
1: There are so many characters in Brightstar's tale that I can't remember all of them
2: I want to see if any of you want your Warriors OC's in this thing.
If you want your OC in this, drop me a note with the character you'd like and a description of (or even a link to a picture of) your OC
The limit is two characters per artist

Also there is no time limit on when I do these, however, if you want an OC in this I need the following ASAP
Hamilton, Eliza, Angelica, Madison, Maria and Philip.
  • Listening to: Hamilton
  • Reading: Order of the Phoenix
  • Watching: Hamilton
  • Playing: Fire Emblem
  • Eating: Sweets
  • Drinking: Tea


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Ugh. Anyway.
HI! I'm Brightstar221 and here's a bit about me.
I love Hamilton, Warrior Cats, Marvel, Harry Potter, Hetalia and Fire Emblem


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