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Hovering Pears

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 21, 2010, 3:53 PM
I came across an interesting post at DIY Photography titled "Create Wonderful Sliced Fruit Images".  And decided to try the assignment my self.

My fruit of choice was a pear and I used small straws to hold the pieces together.

Image 1
Taken with a 50mm lens using two flashes one with a green gell both coming from the right at different angles.
Pear Before n After 01 by BrightRedFox

Image 2
Taken with a 50mm lens using a single flash without any addons.
Pear Before n After 02 by BrightRedFox

Image 3
Same 50mm lens using two flashes one with a full cut CTO gell.
Vertical Slice the Howto by BrightRedFox

Getting everything together and getting about 100 images of the subject took about two hours.  The trickiest part was done in PS when I had to remove all the straws while keeping the shadows in tact.

It's a fun and intersting experience, thouse who are curious shoudl give it a shot.

PS: one note of advice if ever attempting a similar endeavor is to make sure you have plenty of napkins; otherwise you run the risk of a sticky camera.

Best regards,

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Making an Objective opinion

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 19, 2010, 8:25 PM
The image can be made obvious or ambiguous. Advertising illustration often excels at making the message obvious. Abstract images are by their very nature ambiguous. It is the viewer's interpretation of the photograph the photographer is attempting to influence. A viewer can be guided towards an objective opinion by placing the subject on a plain background (e.g. an egg on a white background). The information is singular and indisputable. However, if the egg is placed in a box of straw and lit and composed in such a way as to imply the egg is no longer in a studio, the viewer will be inclined to form a subjective opinion about the image. Imagination will create an environment 'existing' outside the frame of the photograph.

Assignment #2: Research (other than product and catalogue photography) and compile examples where you feel the viewer is being guided to make an objective opinion. Discuss what could have been changed in the photograph to encourage the viewer to make a subjective opinion.

Ok, first thing that I've done for this assignment is looked for additional definition of what it means to be objective.  I found the following:

an objective fact means a truth that remains true everywhere, independently of human thought or feelings. For instance, it is true always and everywhere that 'in base 10, 2 plus 2 equals 4'. A subjective fact is one that is only true under certain conditions, at certain times, in certain places, or for certain people

Given that my pick would be: Yellow
Yellow by Valimar
I think that the image is very strict in terms of the capture: a light fixture with a chord on a very simple yellow background. The photographer labeled it Yellow - I think a better title could have been used given that the yellow is just a background and the focus ends up being the light fixture.  What I like about it is actually how the idea of a yellow background does absolutely nothing for the fact that this is a light source.  I think that would be something that I would have tried changing about the image.  Perhaps working with a flash to emit shadows emphasizing the object as the light source.

Just to have more then one pic I found another picture: MINIMALISM
Similarly very simpled image, an empty winter bench on white snowy canvas.   To add more meaning to this one I would try to place a person on the bench giving the image some feeling and emotion.  Perhaps someone with a distinct features.  Alternatively maybe adding some foot prints starting from a sitting position and leaving away from the bench - sort of a some1 was there at one point idea.

Overall I found it difficult to isolate purely objective images, most photographs convey variety of ideas.  I found this to be especially true for pictures of living creatures.

So, there you go.

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Separating the Subject Matter

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 11, 2010, 10:58 PM
Yesterday I decided to take on a little assignment: Research example of where the subject matter is accentuated by the use of a plain background and where the subject is separated from a complicated background by the use of light and contrast.  Having established this difference, find examples of where the image is confusing because of a lack of attention to this basic concept.

Using DeviantArt as my target repository for great work I started looking and have came up with the following:

This is my plain background.  I like how much she stands out away from the green tone of the wall. The slight adjustment of the tones of the jacket and sharp change in the eyes makes her look really amazing.

This is my busy background.  Both of my first two images are from the same photographer, I found the images through different means though - not looking through his whole gallery.  What I like about this image is that besides the obvious complexity of the background the color matches the woman in many places and yet I still see how she stands out.

And finally [though somewhat difficult to pick].  This feels to me that the girl almost fits as part of the background.  I know that the left side of the image was added manually but I think it would have been stronger if the photographer left it in the original state.

So here are my findings, try it your self if you like.  Just to see what you can come up with and what you might discover along the way.

Best regards,

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The Masquerade Series

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 28, 2009, 7:54 PM
The streets are packed and the clerks are busy spotting forthcoming customers.  Nothing is ever too out of reach for someone with a dime in their pocket.

Ignoring the hysteria I navigate through waves of shoppers with an aspiration to capture color and poise.

My objective is to get a glimpse of Italy’s ancient tradition.

Color, gold, silk and jewels - I give you the Masquerade Series

Masquerade Series 02 by BrightRedFox Masquerade Series 01 by BrightRedFox Masquerade Series 03 by BrightRedFox Masquerade Series 05 by BrightRedFox Masquerade Series 06 by BrightRedFox Masquerade Series 04 by BrightRedFox Masquerade Series 07 by BrightRedFox

Work by mikechro

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Journal Entry: Tue Jun 30, 2009, 12:57 PM
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