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Rainbow Dash Ponytail Wallpaper

Vector by JennieOo: [link]

Here's Rainbow Dash for the pony ponytail wallpaper collection.
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Athletic ponytail is best ponytail.
cmara's avatar
:) bet Rainbow Dash would look good with a braid 8-)
simslover102's avatar
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RD dosen't have so long mane ;P
eIectraumatic's avatar
What if this is her as a teen? Then she cut her mane.
Shadeila's avatar
Who knows? xp
foxinyoursocks's avatar
A good idea! She looks pretty good with a ponytail actually.
Liking that ponytail!
AsaharuTatsumi's avatar
i dont wanna be the odd one out but i just cant see Dash ever wearing a ponytail. well maybe with a hat on but even then... i just dont see it. still a great wallpaper though!
willyshlecnaught's avatar
she should go with a pony tail in at least one episode1
CrystalRobot's avatar
Dashie looks good with a ponytail :3
Necrath's avatar
Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Dash , 1 2 3, 1 2 3, 20% cooler
SalmonJunction's avatar
You're referencing Rainbow Dash stole the 20% cooler thing aren't you?
Necrath's avatar
yeah, could not help myself
WarlockTheGreat's avatar
Cool, I like da ponytail on her!
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