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Plodding Along

1 min read
I took 1259 photos of my jewellery today (so far) in the span of about 8 hours.  And there are still a few more pieces to document.  Maybe 30% of these images will ever get used for anything but I still need to have both a record of my jewellery designs and images to complete their etsy listings.

Next few days is going to be devoted to selections, formatting and editing.  This might get painful.
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Costume-Con 35

1 min read
Shortly heading off to cos-con in Mississauga Ontario and hope to see lots of lovely peoples there.  If it's even slightly as awesome as Costume-Con 32 in Toronto this is going to be amazing!

(Sadly no finished new costumes to show off, despite all attempts.  But should have a pretty kick-butt Dark Lady for Anime North in a month)

And am bringing my moogle.  :3

Moogleception by brightling
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1 min read
Won't be updates from me for a while.

My harddrives randomly corrupted on Friday and scattershot lost the files I've been formatting and working with lately.  Including what appears to be several hundred process photos from making my Moogle, and anything I had prepped to update my website with.

So I have not lost everything by any means, just records of months of work that can't be remade.  The really sucky part is because of how the files have disappeared I have no idea what all is missing.  Its going to be a crap process for awhile.  (And I've already spent 3-days of waking hours salvaging things off the drives and getting the basics running again.)

I am so done with this.  Too bad its not done with me.
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Finally almost packed for this weekend!  I always feel like I'm bringing far more than is necessary but by the time I've got food and bandaids and all the costume bits and appropriate shoes along with oversized props... I guess it just adds up.  I'm only packing my fire kimono this weekend along with a couple of casual costumes (piratey and dancer) to accent my moogle.  I've got the pictures below so I'll be easier to spot.  :3

Ivalice Moogle Plush by brightling  Weapons Check, AN 2012 by brightling

<3  Have a great weekend all!  I have multiple projects to come back to so hopefully that means more updates (and probably a few more artistic moogle photos).
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Material Fog

2 min read
I'm finding myself frustrated trying to find particular crafting materials.  Frequently I know what I precisely what I'm looking for but can't get an accurate search term.  Materials that frequently have multiple names (or worse have names that overlap with other types of similar materials) are a pain.  Like Chicago bolts can be binding posts, internal bolts, inset screws, and dozens of other names.  Lowe's is one of the only place I've found them real-world and they call them 'binding posts'.  L200 foam, or minicel foam, canoe foam or whatever term a store feels like terming it seems to be even harder to find.  Ordering online feels like betting blind when I rely so much on being able to see and touch materials to confirm what I'm looking for.  This is compounded because some of my reliable stores keep shutting down too.

Basically this all means the projects I'm working on are being done in order of what-I-can-get-the-supplies for.  Which isn't always the order I would prefer or even have the best time to focus on.  It does mean that I have another spiffy plushie getting close-ish to completion.  Once I can figure out meticulously trimming faux fur to shape with scissors with enough confidence to groom its face.  Once that's done I can get down to the wire armature, stuffing, and sewing all the bits together...
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