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Ivalice Moogle Plush

By brightling
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I've loved the design of the Ivalice moogles ever since playing Final Fantasy XII.  I didn't even have time to finish a new costume for Anime North this year because I spent so much time perfecting this guy.

This is entirely patterned and hand crafted by me over many, many months.  It has pellets in its feet and butt for weight, armature in all the limbs as well as the wings for posing, embroidered mouth, paw pads and footprints, needle sculpting on the face, joints in all the limbs and neck, and strips of wrapped aluminum sheet in the ears so they don't have the bulk of the wire but still pose in all sorts of moods, and a pompom made out of Styrofoam and a red boa.  The pompom is attached to an imbedded Chicago screw in the moogles head so it can actually me removed for travel and storage.  The whiskers are a patch of extra long fur sewn into the cheeks to make it seamless.  The eyes are hand painted clear acrylic safety eyes and they have subtle eyelids out of the same material as the paws and ear linings to just set them off a little.  My favourite part may just be the feet which I did a raised embroidery technique to give it footprints!

I still need to sit down and tally exactly how many felt mock-ups I made for the various parts to make sure my moogle would look right.  Just the face and body I know had over 15 pattern variations sewn up, not counting early scrapped trial pieces.  I think I used somewhere around 180m of thread hand stitching the darts and seams on the final version! 

And yes it is just as cute and fluffy as it looks!  Come say hi if you see us at AN2016 this weekend. :3
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PeachyMiku's avatar
Oh my goodness, that is so adorable!
brightling's avatar
Thank you so much!

*digital hugs*
PeachyMiku's avatar
You're welcome! :) Thanks for the hugs!
Nailkita's avatar
Hnm.... you still in Georgetown? *begins constructing plans to steal moogle* still have the moogle thing you got me back in highschool on the shelf with all my other moogles.
brightling's avatar

Yup, definitely haven't ended up anywhere particularly exotic.  Neat to hear from you!

You cannot steal this moogle however.  He still doesn't even have his steampunk outfit from the game yet.

Nailkita's avatar
I wasn't aware stealing required permission ;)

Is your phone still the same? Seems this is the year of people getting back in touch with people, I'd like to meet up with a bunch of old friends soon. Though schedules are so crazy to sink up with adult-like people.
Jonatan's avatar
OMG it's so wonderful and I want it so much D:
brightling's avatar
Awe, I'm sorry I don't have more to share.  I'm so thrilled you like it that much though!  Thank you. :)
Jonatan's avatar
It's a shame Square Enix never made good plushies of the moogles, I'd buy all of them! 0:

He's so floof <3
MaeGwyn's avatar
OMG it's adorable!!!!!  <3
brightling's avatar
Eee~  Thanks so much! :D 
MaeGwyn's avatar
You're welcome :)
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