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The Evil Dead Director's Cut Poster



This is the poster for the Upcoming HBO Max original movie The Evil Dead Director's Cut. The version that you've never seen it before, It was Re-edited & Directed by Sam Raimi, The 117 minute Director's Cut version includes 32 minutes of footage using one or two 16/35mm film reels of raw footages of The Evil Dead (Book of the Dead) &/or 117 minute 16mm Rough cut version of The Evil Dead (Book of the Dead), Original 16mm Camera Negative print will be scanned in 13.5k resolution using Lasergraphics Director and will be Restored & Remastered In 8k and Converted to 4k Resolution, and the new audio mix of the Director's Cut will be mastered in Dolby Atmos, Plus there's extras including Within the Woods (A Super 8mm short horror film directed by Sam Raimi, will be scanned in 13.5k resolution Restored & Remastered in 8k resolution and Converted to 4k resolution and it will be remixed with new music score by Mark Raskin while still retaining the original sound effects and dialogue),The Untold Saga of The Evil Dead Documentary, And the original Book Of The Dead trailer from late 1980/early 1981. It's coming to HBO Max Soon. And the original 85 minute theatrical version of The Evil Dead (Scanned in 13.5k Resolution and Remastered in 8k Resolution and Converted to 4k Resolution, without any editing tweaks from the Blu-Ray &/or 4k Ultra HD Blu Ray, Including the original mono mix) will return to HBO Max Soon.

The Evil Dead Directors Cut ©2022 Warner Bros. Discovery Global Streaming & Interactive Entertainment All Rights Reserved.

The Evil Dead (Book of the Dead) ©1981, 1982 Renaissance Pictures All Rights Reserved.
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Tell me something. Is this legitimate or fan made