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The Fire Dragon



It is said that Fire Dragons were rode into battle by great heros and knights as they are a little bigger than a horse and are very strong, but these dragons are incredibly hard to tame and can be very dangerous. Always keep a respectable distance from these dragons as they can be unpredictable. Fire dragons normaly live around volcanoes, deserts and other hot places. They can also be found around mountains though rarely. Fire Dragons can breathe flames over 1000 degrees and are very swift climbers. They do hoard things though not always treasure. Fire dragons are always two colors and usualy have red, orange, brown, and golden yellow scales with bronze, brown, yellow and gold skin. Though most of time they are solitary creatures they are sometimes found in groups consiting of a mother, father, and dragonets/hatchlings. Almost all the time it's just the mother and dragonets/hatchlings.

I had fun coloring the fire in the picture. Bi-color things are hard to shade though I managed. ^^ Not sure how long it took to finish the picture.
Outline: pencil
Color: Adobe Photoshop
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Coloring is nice, but the flame... It would look much nicer if you didn't have the pencil marks still in there. I think that's the only thing I've gotta say about it. Otherwise, it's coolioso!