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Welcome to BrightandCheerful

Simple Sun by uguardian

Bright, beautiful, cheerful!
This is what our group is all about!
A collection of animals, birds, flowers, nature, people,
holidays, travel, foods, art, and more!

If your art has been requested, please consider joining us!

For our rules and guidelines, see our about page.

Simple Grass by uguardian

Gallery Folders

K1351. by Eternatease
Seskar dog (commission) by Anirysel
Wonders of a sunset by dashakern
Peacock by MomoDoesArts
Animals - Amphibians
Bearded Dragon VII by LDFranklin
Gecko Love by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
0991 Hyla arborea by RealMantis
08 AUG 26-2020 by SongoftheBlackWolf
Animals - Aquatic Life
Weatherproof. by Rabid-Coot
Mister Patches by JanusMouse
Nautilus belauensis ... by marijeberting
Mister whiskers by JanusMouse
Animals - Big Cats
Majestic. by Rabid-Coot
Must approach the tree! by TheEmpatheticCat
Kenya Cub by FortuneFoundTheSun63
Always daydreaming by TheEmpatheticCat
Animals - Butterflies And Moths
Buzzing by myekeh
2251 Butterfly - Adonis blue by RealMantis
Anima by baroquedoll
Rosie Crafts Swallowtail Butterfly Photography by rosiecrafts
Animals - Cats
Franky and Ooska by CherokeeGal1975
CinJag by Leonca
Pet The Cat by FadingSketches
Enjoying Spring by ToveAnita
Animals - Chipmunks And Squirrels
Red squirrel picking on moss. by Eternatease
Sciurus vulgaris climbing down a tree. by Eternatease
You got a peanut for me? by Mogrianne
Whiskers I by starykocur
Animals - Dogs
Sylar Senior by ginas-cakes
Happy St.Patty's day by JanusMouse
Beagy the Beagle 8547 by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
Bruno Trio IV by LDFranklin
Animals - Farm
horse and dog by C-o-r
Yes  I  hear you by ratinrage
Farm in Summer by kiwipics
0151 Harvest by RealMantis
Animals - Horses
Three horses by kllebou
When you are followed... by cricketumpire
Next To Me by Yuukon
The Sand Pony by tanikel
Animals - Invertibrates
Stictocephala bisonia by TheNunnally
Animals - Mammals
Hy On A Hill. by Rabid-Coot
Animals - Pets
Jojo Rat eating some banana. by Eternatease
Animals - Reptiles
Rainbow Boa by haseeb312
Birds - Birds of Prey
Pair of Strix aluco owls. by Eternatease
Birds - Corvids
0055 Magpie by RealMantis
Birds - Flightless
Curly by Nikki-vdp
Birds- Game
1279 Pheasant - Faisan by RealMantis
Birds - Sea Birds
Brightcolpic 577 by Brightcol
Birds - Song Birds
Morning guests by Telais
Birds - Spring Waterfowl
Blue Swedish duck by kiwipics
Birds - Tropical
The Sun Never Sets On The Pigeon Empire. by Rabid-Coot
Nature - Berries, Nuts And Seeds
SINGULAR VI [DolphinByDefault] by DolphinByDefault
Nature - Cactus and Succulents
Streptocarpus Dream turtle by FranticMezmer
Nature - Droplets
an t-arm by DelightfulDolphin
Nature - Flowers
Art of Losing by Yuukon
Nature - Fog and Mist
4173 The island in the mist by RealMantis
Nature - Fungi
Spring Encounter: Edible Mix by Clu-art
Nature - Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables
Tropical fruits by AdrStefanska
Nature - Geology
Quartz fantome / Phantom Quartz by LePtitSuisse1912
Nature - Iris
This world is filled with beauty! by Arte-de-Junqueiro
Nature - Landscapes
A Little Bit of Norway - 1 by ToveAnita
Nature - Lilies
Daily Flower Arrangement by parallel-pam
Nature - Lotus and Waterlilys
Purple Water Lily by tawunap159
Nature - Misc Plants
Like a Dream 2 by sightless5023
Nature - Poppies
Single red poppy in the grass 2020. by Eternatease
Nature - Roses
Rose Orange by rembrantt
Nature - Skyscapes
a chill life~ by Momoksha
Nature - Sunflowers
Wide Open 1 by sightless5023
Nature - Trees and Woodlands
Awakening by ToveAnita
Nature - Waterscapes
Beautiful Sunset by dashakern
Seasons - Autumn
Peak Season by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
Seasons - Spring
Leucojum aestivum close-up. by Eternatease
Seasons - Winter
Brightcolpic 576 by Brightcol
Seasons - Winter Is Coming
three years ago today by Ingelore
People - Portraits
Under the Veil by cehavard90
Still Life
Joyful Holy Saturday by ToveAnita
Still Life - Dolls And Figurines
Figurine de Nicky en Fimo 2 by LePtitSuisse1912
Still Life - Food And Drink
Sweet Easter Eve by ToveAnita
This And That
Follow me ... by ratinrage
Urban And Rural - Architecture
Arches by Sergiba
Urban And Rural - Bridges And Piers
Roman Walks -  Unmistakable View by VeryBadGirl
Urban And Rural - Cityscapes
Framed by Sergiba
Urban And Rural - Fireworks
Fourth Of July Fireworks 16 IX by LDFranklin
Urban And Rural - Photojournalism
More resources, less clapping - Drawing by AmBr0
Urban And Rural - Signs
Bar in Rome by takmaj
Urban And Rural - Transportation
BMW Gang by YukiTheCarSpotter
Black And White Photography
Fallen leaves. L1050586, with story by harrietsfriend
Art - Abstract, Conceptual And Surreal
Creativity by emilymh2018
Art - Animals
Portrait of Barley Sue by Alexandra-chan
Art - Animation
Even Vex Can't Resist the Cuteness by Nostalgialover808
Art - Artisan
Birthday Heart Embroidery by ToveAnita
Art - Birds
Orange-Bellied Parrot - Animal of April 2021 by MoonyMina
Art - Cuisine, Fruit And Vegetables
Inktober #16 - Rocket by MoonyMina
Art - Fantasy
Zakry Farkos [Collab] by L-Starshade
Art - Floral Fractals
Ornamental Pond in Spring by Velvet--Glove
Art - Flowers
Sunflowers by Xantosia
Art - Fractal And Kaleidoscope
K1374. by Eternatease
Art - Fractal Manipulations
Galaxy Siren by KosmicAC
Art - Landscapes And Scenery
Schloss Thun sur la Toile by LePtitSuisse1912
Art - Nature
Spring Night by Clu-art
Art - People
Into the woodland by Anirysel
Art - Photomanipulations
Wildlife by Fiendcute
Art - Snowflakes And Snowmen
Winter by The-Abyss-Watcher
Art - Storybook
Jennifer and Company - Jennifer's Dream by imaginativegenius099
Art - Wallpaper
The Rubin System by KosmicAC
Art - Yesterday's Paper
My Heart's Desire by Yesterdays-Paper
Fan Art
Worms Armaggedon - Bazooka Aim by dVicko
Fan Art - Celebreties
The Band by EhrenThibs
Fan Art - Disney
First Look of Dumbella Vanderquack Website by DumbellaVanderquack
Fan Art - Games
Dragonyule Guardian by Hentaki-kun
Fan Art - Movies And TV
umaru-chan! fanart~ by Momoksha
Fan Art - Pokemon
zubat by InsanityPants
Fan Art - Tiny Toons
Disguised Zim's Grin by Tiny-Toons-Fan
Holidays - Christmas
Waiting for My Granddaughters! by ToveAnita
Holidays - Easter
Happy Easter! by ToveAnita
Holidays - Father's Day
Father's day.  Img280, with story by harrietsfriend
Holidays - Halloween
Ghost in the flame by Deneco
Holidays - Hanukkah
Hanukkah Menorah by KeyLime77
Holidays - Happy New Year
Happy 2021 by xiaoshan-angel
Holidays - Mother's Day
MoooOOmm by RedPangolin
Holidays - Passover
Pesach (Passover) Seder Plate by KeyLime77
Holidays - St. Patrick's Day
[ANIMATED] Saint Patrick's Day Adopts [CLOSED] by Ailixa
Holidays - Thanksgiving
Bear Cub's First Thanksgiving by imaginativegenius099
Holidays - Valentines Day
Love and annors (Valentine's Day) by TellerySpyro
Good morning, noon, evening, or night!
In consequence of @MYPeanutGallery regrettably bidding farewell to DeviantART, I'd like to briefly introduce myself as her successor, the tasks of whom I'm very grateful to have been trusted with.
The above also applies for her two other groups THINGS-OF-NATURE and heavenlybackyardbird, to which I'm going to submit the same journal.
Thanks to the original founder's excellent work, there doesn't appear to be any need for organizational change, therefore it will be business as usual.
Since this is my first experience as a group admin, there might be some delay in regards of certain aspects during the time it'll take me to familiarize myself with the interface. My respective apologies in advance.
Other than that, I'd like to once again express my gratitude towards Penny, and wish her all the best for her future!
Thank you all very much for reading, stay safe!
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ToveAnita Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2021
I love this wonderful group, but I have a little question! It seems like it is only possible to submit 1 photo/artwork each week! It used to be 3 each day. Or am I doing something wrong? 
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DolphinByDefault Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2021  Student Photographer
That's strange, I set the global limit to 1/day, actually. Perhaps there's one specific folder I overlooked, for which the settings are different... could you maybe try again, and if it still doesn't work, tell me the name of the folder? That would be great, thank you! =)
And Happy Easter to you as well! =]
ToveAnita Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2021
Hello again, now I have tried to submit to both "nature flowers" and "still life", but I still cannot says "1 per week"....very strange.... Daisy bounce
DolphinByDefault Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2021  Student Photographer
Thanks a lot for your feedback! I just manually changed the settings for each folder [still don't understand why the global configurations weren't applied, since they're the same for all my groups], therefore you should be fine now. Otherwise, don't hesitate to let me know again, although I doubt that will be necessary. Thanks again!
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baroquedoll Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2021   Photographer
Why, when you submit, there's only "still life" ?
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