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Welcome to BrightandCheerful

Simple Sun by uguardian

Bright, beautiful, cheerful!
This is what our group is all about!
A collection of animals, birds, flowers, nature, people,
holidays, travel, foods, art, and more!

We ask that you follow a few simple guidelines:
  • deviantART's policies
  • All work must be bright, cheerful and colorful
  • Black & White photography must be crisp and clear
  • Please submit your best work
  • All media is allowed
  • All work must be original
  • Vintage photos accepted with proper credit
  • Sweet prose will be accepted
  • Full credits must be given to photo-manipulations
  • Features From Members and Affiliates will be accepted
  • Fan art is allowed, providing it is in line with our other rules below

The following will be declined:
  • Poor quality
  • Animal cruelty
  • Injured or dead animals
  • Animals eating identifiable animals
  • Mature content, including sex, nudity or provocative poses
  • Dark, demonic or overtly evil content
  • Violence or blood
  • Horror or Macabre
  • Cemeteries
  • WIP
  • Icons
  • IR and monochrome photography
  • Watermarks and signatures which obscure the picture
  • Comics
  • Literature
  • Adoptables
  • Please limit selfies
  • Yandere Simulator
  • Five Nights At Freddys
  • Undertale
  • Art made using free bases or programs like Pony Creator

Submit 3/day to the Submission Folder.
We will place your submission in the proper folder
All submissions require 1 vote to be accepted.

We welcome any questions, so please feel free to contact MYPeanutGallery


Simple Grass by uguardian

Gallery Folders

A Holiday Romance by Velvet--Glove
You Make Me Dream by Mouselemur
Beachy Keen! by oneofacard
Recoloured flowers by Gerda1946
Who Says Blondes Have More Fun? by SwiftysGarage
Big Feet of the Common Moorhen by PeekAtWildlife
Great White Egret by PeekAtWildlife
Life is Good by PeekAtWildlife
Animals - Amphibians
frog by TreborNehoc
pool toad rescue by TreborNehoc
Spring Peeper by PeekAtWildlife
Sun bathing by Tarquinius-Superbus
Animals - Aquatic
Seahorse by Sia-the-Mawile
Seashell on mossy stones in shallow water by haseeb312
Closer Look: Great Crab Habitat! by PeekAtWildlife
Bug Eyed. by Rabid-Coot
Animals - Big Cats
Bobcat head-shot by NaturalLightPhotos
Bobcat tongue by NaturalLightPhotos
You Make Me Dream by Mouselemur
Ahead of Myself by Mouselemur
Animals - Butterflies and Moths
Dryad (Minois dryas) by mossagateturtle
Camouflaging Brimstone by mossagateturtle
Butterfly by PhotosCrystalJones
Flower feast by Tarquinius-Superbus
Animals - Cats
Beauty in a Tortie Shape by TheEmpatheticCat
The Thinking Box by Kitteh-Pawz
Sukru_II by ErkanKalenderli
A Bright Bloke by TheEmpatheticCat
Animals - Cats In Windows
Curious by cindywebbphotography
Ever Watchful 2 by Forestina-Fotos
Ever Watchful by Forestina-Fotos
Animals - Chipmunks and Squirrels
red one by awjay
I Keeps It Here In My Heart by suezn
Flying Squirrel by NaturalLightPhotos
My precious by UdoChristmann
Animals - Dogs
Two Doggies by TheEmpatheticCat
Giant schnauzer sniffing around by Cyklopi
hang out to dry by corniger-aries
flashing by corniger-aries
Animals - Farm
Farm Of The Future! by TheMan268
Animals - Horses
horse suit by awjay
Animals - Invertibrates
Postman by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
Animals - Pets
Foot specialist by MaguschildCloud
Animals - Mammals
Crown For A King. by Rabid-Coot
Animals - Reptiles
hide in plain sight by TreborNehoc
Art - Animals
Vayamon 3: Rin by Sia-the-Mawile
Art - Artisan
The Shipwreck ''C'' Initial Canvas by RibbonsandClay
Art - Birds
Vayamon 3 Ornenix by Sia-the-Mawile
Art - Fan Art
That One Character Meme That Everyone's Doing by srbarker
Art - Flowers
Folwers-Zoner1 by sonafoitova
Art - Flower Fractals
18 August Red Flower by Gerda1946
Art - Fractal and Digital Abstract
Infinity by marijeberting
Art - Fractal Manipulations
Little Dancing Queen by marijeberting
Art - Nature
Super Star by Meztli72
Art - People
Chibi with a plant by Deneco
Art - Photomanipulations
Art - Sweet Prose
Just Keep Swimming!! by MoonyMina
Art - Storybook
Minas Tirith by DreamThestral
Art - This and That
Comet (AT with WolfieAsh!) by Raccoon-Claw
Art - Yesterday's Paper
Love and Cheer by Yesterdays-Paper
Black and White Photography
Me. 3.img3348, with story by harrietsfriend
Birds - Birds of Prey
Screech Owl by NaturalLightPhotos
Birds - Corvids
In The Lions Den. by Rabid-Coot
Birds - Flightless
Ostrich by Berlin-Steglitz
Birds- Game
Let's Get Thes Kids Home Before Dark! by TheMan268
Birds - Sea Birds
Great Blue Heron head shot by NaturalLightPhotos
Birds - Song Birds
The Beauty of Life by YoshaPhotography
Birds - Spring Waterfowl
Geese Are Dumb. by Rabid-Coot
Birds - Tropical
In The Right Light. by Rabid-Coot
Holidays - Christmas
Snowy Christmas by allison731
Holidays - Easter
Pysanky Eggs by superpower-pnut
Holidays - Father's Day
Remy Martin et le cigare 2 by AnnaZLove
Holidays - Halloween
Halloween  black cat aceo watercolor painting by tulipteardrops
Holidays - Hanukkah
Happy Hanukkah by JennDixonPhotography
Holidays - Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day by LoloAlien
Holidays - New Years
Cigar And Spirits by Catlaxy
Holidays - Passover
Happy Passover by Lior-Art
Holidays - St. Patrick's Day
A day of green and gold ... by ansdesign
Holidays - Thanksgiving
Gobble Gobble by LTerri
Holidays - Valentines Day
My heart is full of love for my friends by vafiehya
Lovely and Interesting Things
No Loitering by organicvision
Nature - Berries and Nuts
Forest sweets by Rebellious-mind
Nature - Cactus and Succulents
Evening beauty.... by angel-c-ker
Nature - Droplets
between petals by isischneider
Nature - Flowers
Cardoon flower by PhotosCrystalJones
Nature - Fog and Mist
The Prophecy by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
Nature - Fungi
Giant polypore (Meripilus giganteus) by mossagateturtle
Nature - Fruits and Vegetables
yay blueberries by TreborNehoc
Nature - Iris
Luck of the Iris by pinestater234
Nature - Landscapes
High Rocks (Canon cam version) by TheEmpatheticCat
Nature - Lilies
lily by hv1234
Nature - Lotus and Waterlilys
Water Lilly by Sia-the-Mawile
Nature - Misc Plants
Euphorbia maculata by mossagateturtle
Nature - Poppies
Red poppy by Sia-the-Mawile
Nature - Roses
August 2018 by Mladavid
Nature - Skyscapes
The Last Struggle by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
Nature - Sunflowers
Blaze of Colors by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
Nature - Trees
Dreamy by WillTC
Nature - Waterscapes
First light at Cliffs of Moher by TarJakArt
People - Babies and Children
Jedi In Training by cheslah
People - Cuisine
Poutine by Kitteh-Pawz
People - Portraits
Amy Munro by AveragePhotographer
Ferris wheel by wiwaldi24
Architecture - Bridges and Piers
Serenity by WillTC
Architecture - Cityscapes
Firmly by WillTC
Rural and Urban - Fireworks
pic2 by Nipntuck3
Rural and Urban - Signs
Oops. DSCN0706, with story by harrietsfriend
Rural and Urban - Transportation
The Fiery Hatchback With Explosive Performance! by SwiftysGarage
Seasons - Autumn
Panorama combined. D800.jpeg, with story by harrietsfriend
Seasons - Spring
Magenta Blossom by Loffy0
Seasons - Winter
A teaspoon of sugar, please ... by wiwaldi24

Invitation to Join

Simple Sun by uguardian

If your art has been requested,
please consider joining us!

Simple Grass by uguardian

The Warm Glow Of Poppies

Tue Aug 7, 2018, 11:28 AM by MYPeanutGallery:iconmypeanutgallery:
Best viewed two across


Poppies, Experimental Watercolor Effect Photoshop by digit-Ds  Red poppies. by isletree

Maquis by Leona-Norten   poppies by danuta50

Coq orig aqua1080 by Noomelo   Eye-Popping Anemones by Yesterdays-Paper

Poppy Field by Bertrood   Sunset Poppies by Spirosart

Poppies by Magnolianna   the magic of poppies by oliecannoligriffard

Poppies by patriszkarch   Poppy field by JoaRosa

Triad by XRlS   Original Poppy by AnneGoodall

Poppy by Alena-48   My flowers Poppies watercolor painting by Kajenna

RELAX by ARTBYTERESA   209343 Sommerblomster by v-e-y-a

   Summer Flowers 7 by Til-Til   Blooming Summer by Alina-Kurbiel

Poppies at sunset author's copy by hitforsa   lovely poppies in sunset new by ingeline-art

Hint of poppy by SilverMixx   Poppy drawing  by BlackCatArtDA

Sunshine Smiles by AnnMarieBone   My Garden 8851 by pledent

Poppies by Jam1992   Poppy Painting by muffet1

Poppies by steel--blue   Coquelicots (2017) by stefonthesea

poppy seed 2 by Tomek3618   Poppies by Ganusia

Skin by SimplySilent
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