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Welcome everyone.....
how I wish that all good health and you are happy
I was absent in the recent period and the reason is that some of the harsh conditions that prevent me from browsing the internet or use your computer to the lack of time and not to focus on the design of the new work because my mind is not a net for those in the program Photoshop strongly apologize for this failure
But I was surprised when you browse the site that my account paid ended since the period
feel some frustration..
Here I am trying to return such as former and work to restore the necessary skills in order to provide the best but beautiful designs and ideas
only renewable i need you support to renew my paid so I ask you to support some of the points so that I renew the period of time Donate Points by LauNachtyr
i would be grateful for each of the donates me would have with you,
Do not hesitate to donate the points that were only a few will be important for me Points La by Detail
thank you very much for everything.
Your Friend : Bright liGht NSH
It seems that what I feared began to happen I was expecting something to happen at any time
This thing is an attempt by some people to destroy everything you have built in the past 8 months period
That inciting against me and the launch of a campaign by some patients souls for nothing but only out of envy and jealousy
What is more, that all those who are trying so they Iqmon work in the same field I mean manipulation and poison signatures and similar things I did not write this to my fear of them, but I wrote to said to my friends and those who care about my order and they love my work not to be fooled by these patients, all of pursuing my work or watching my profile and read clarification located knows that I am not the most suitable existing business for myself, but I put links pointing to their original owners.
This is what I want from anyone who tries to harm me in secret only comment here and confronted me instead of working behind the scenes
In a manner detrimental to him first before I offend me know that there are many mistakes in this publication, but I am very weak in the language
So forgive me as I mentioned wants the debate to comment on this publication
Thank you in advance for all