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Cherry Blossom Girl

Bullet; Black-*-*-*-*--*-*-*-*-
Bullet; Red-Of course I'm not drawing this piece
I just took personal and filmed a scene in my imagination what
After that you coordinate with the personal background and worked them together
To show you that you see this result
Therefore, the whole credit goes to the original owners graphics
I hope I made clear command for each of my work continues
Bullet; Blue-User program is
Bullet; GreenAdobe Photoshop CC
Bullet; Black-*-*-*-*--*-*-*-*-
The other thing, and most importantly I have tried to Mark this cat-like former freelancer largely
I do not know if what you are similar
Or lower than the level or even more beautiful so I hope you comment and thank you
If you like leave a fav/comment.
The original owner of the personal
Sorry: Unknown

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good job\(๑øェø๑)/
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* ¡Fantástico trabajo! Lo hemos destacado dentro de la carpeta "Featured nº5 o Destacados nº 5" en Special-Groups. (Es la carpeta donde se exhiben los mejores trabajos del grupo).
¡Por favor, queremos ver más trabajos tuyos en el grupo!. 

:artist: Trophy Emote 2 

* Fantastic work! Featured in Special-Groups in folder Featured nº 5. (Best works of the group). 
Please, We want to see more works in the group of you!. 
the self portrait Gold Medal Emote
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thank you for your commentLove 
I'm really happy so I appreciate you so muchHug
Heart Heart 
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Ah very good very VERY good!! Outstanding working on something like this! wow....its impressive you can pull off something amazing like this keep it up okay?
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been digging around my FAV's... sees this and wondering: okay then.
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Saying "Credits for render and other resources goes to their owners" doesn't really do a thing.
The point of giving credits to original creator is that they can watch over their works and it can be traced back to them.
If you don't know original creator and haven't got permission to use the art, you don't. It's as simple as that.
BriGht-liGht-NSH's avatar
I've done everything I can do it I explained that I am not a painter or the original owner of the personal
And put a link indicate indigenous artists in the description
What do I do more than that
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Well, like I said, "The original owner of the personal Sorry: Unknown" is no valid credit. If you can't credit it properly or don't know the original creator, you shouldn't use it. Just having a link on where you found the art from is not enough, because the artist themself can't be tracked from that nor is informed of this.
If you've gotten the permission from artist to use it, you should mention it.
It's very important, since some artists don't want their arts to spread around too much for various reasons.
BriGht-liGht-NSH's avatar
Maybe you're right in and you say, but there are a lot of business that way
Nor are the original owner never mentioned image
At least I explained that I am not the original owner and placed in the original image Description
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It still doesn't make it right, acceptable or legal. Just because everyone else jumps off the cliff, it doesn't make it any less stupid.
I really hope you consider crediting properly in future.
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I was really pleased to talk with you and debate;) (Wink) 
Thank you very much for the wonderful dealingsHug 
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She's so beautiful! I'm absolutely speechless... Very well done. Good job!
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Thank you very much for distinguished commentary
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Hahaha your welcome! Lol
BriGht-liGht-NSH's avatar
Thank you very much
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Wow! It's so beautiful! Love 
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thanks,So Much For The Comment..^^
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This is beautiful
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