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J.U.M.P. Episode 1
*play show's theme song*
The city of San Francisco. It's a nice place to be and some people wouldn't want to be anywhere else. It was quiet at times, but it was still nice. The people were friendly, the streets were in a subtle and hustle and bustle, and the view of the bay was lovely when driving on the Golden Gate Bridge.
Of course, one particular location this story focuses on is Saint Francis High School.
The first class of the day had started.
"And when we multiply or divide by one positive number and one negative number, it results in the number being negative," said the algebra teacher.
Five girls in class were looking at the board. One was a blond haired girl named Jennifer. She was taking notes about it. Another girl with brown hair named Rhonda was trying to write it down but couldn't get it right. Another was a black hair girl named Tiffany who was a little confused with how it worked. One was a girl with red hair that wasn't short or long that was asleep in class. She didn'
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 19 24
Hippie Girls
It all started one day in Candace's room where she and Stacy were thinking about what to do.
"What do you want to do today?" Candace asked Stacy.
"I don't know. Are you gonna bust your brothers?" Stacy asked back.
"Nah...taking a break from that shtick," said Candace.
Episode Title: Hippie Girls
"You know, it's been just you and me for lots of days this summer," said Stacy.
Candace realized what she was talking about.
"Hey, yeah! You're right! We left Jenny out on a lot of things we did. Instead of just you and me as a duo, we should hang out with Jenny more and be a trio!" said Candace.
"We could surprise her at her house!" said Stacy.
"Good idea!" said Candace.
"Just imagine all the fun we'll do when she sees us popping in unexpectedly!" said Stacy.
So the two of them headed off for Jenny's house.
"Bye, Mom! We're going over to Jenny's!" said Candace.
"Okay. Just be careful crossing the street!" said Linda.
"Got it!" the girls replied.
And with that, they headed off.
"I think the bes
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 19 73
J.U.M.P. Grouped by LightningRod728 J.U.M.P. Grouped :iconlightningrod728:LightningRod728 20 16
J.U.M.P. Episode 13
*J.U.M.P. Opening 2*
The girls were battling an ordinary criminal who was a terrorist threatening to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge with a bomb attached.
"You're not getting away with this!" said Jennifer as she swift kicked him in the face.
"You are really getting on my nerve," said the terrorist. He took out a gun, but Rhonda then swiped it out of his hands and emptied the shells.
"Nice try, slowpoke," she said to him.
"That's it! You forced me to do it!" said the terrorist. He then proceeded to activate the bomb. It was set to go off in a minute.
"Quick! Get me up there!" Jennifer told Evelyn. She chucked her leader of the team up to the bottom of the bridge where she detached the bomb from the bridge.
"Nice one, girl!" said Sarah.
The others took care of the terrorist and knocked him out.
"That does it for him," said Evelyn.
"Now to get rid of this!" said Jennifer. She inflated her suit and bounced the bomb up high into the sky where it blew up without causing any threat to anyone.
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 17 30
Candace Sketch Frenzy by Kuzlalala Candace Sketch Frenzy :iconkuzlalala:Kuzlalala 88 14 Candace by Smilling-33 Candace :iconsmilling-33:Smilling-33 130 34
Well, after 11 years, I now say goodbye to student loan payments. :w00t: It was a long road, but little by little, I got it taken care of, and this past weekend I got the email confirmation I'd been waiting for. Now, I'll have some extra funds I can apply elsewhere, like a home improvement project or two.


Darren Heideman
United States
One of various, far reaching interests.


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