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Fanfiction - Chapter 13: Not again!
You do not have to read all of the previous chapters for this chapter to make sense. You are more than welcome to simply start from this chapter: Fanfiction - Chapter Ten: A Malfunction. However, if you do wish to read from the first chapter, please use the link in the description. We would appreciate your feedback.
Hazel began to look more and more confused as everyone tried to explain at once. Everyone except Annabeth. She quietly walked over towards the Doctor.
“If you can tell that our dimensional stabiliser is faulty, then you should be able to fix it, right?” she asked.
The Doctor beamed at Annabeth. “Of course!”
“So you will help us?” she asked, still a little wary. This doctor, if he really was a doctor, might be able to make pretty convincing explanations, but she didn’t trust him. There had been many times when they had been t
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Opposable Thumbs - Chapter 4: Looking for Leads
Natsu screamed in frustration, and swung his fist. He screamed once more, in pain, as his fist collided with the wall.
Nursing his fist with his other hand, he turned to his, now human, little partner. "Are you sure this is the place?"
Happy nodded furiously, his hood bouncing against his head. "I'm positive. I remember the shop next door. They make Erza's favourite cakes."
"But there's no scent to pick up here," Wendy interjected anxiously. "Not even yours."
"A little too clean if you ask me," Gajeel muttered. "There should be something. Animals, maybe or people who've wandered into the dead end by accident."
"One of us might have missed something," Wendy agreed. "But not all of us."
Although the guild had initially been amused by Happy's predicament, they had realised just how much it upset him. And, so they had turned their attentions towards finding a cure. Books and loose sheets of paper littered every available surface, but the guild was clustered around one table, where an u
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The End
The man stood in the middle of the room, facing the figure in front of him. Although a hood obscured the top half of the figure’s face, he instantly knew who he was facing. He cleared his throat.
“So we finally meet.” His silent companion silently inclined his head. His bony hands proffered a book. The man silently took it, but made no move to open or read it. His companion tilted his head in curiosity. He had no need to speak. The man understood him well, perhaps better than any other.
“I don’t need to read it. I know what’s in there. I’ve lived it after all.”

“But has the story?”
There was silence. The man tried again.
“What comes next?”
Death offered his hand. The man, hesitated, then took it. And he simply was not there anymore.
From the folds of his robe, Death pulled out what, at first glance, appeared to be a minia
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Troublemakers - Fairy Tail X Reader
(h/c) = hair colour
(h/t) = hair type (curly, straight, etc.)
(h/l) = hair length
(e/c) = eye colour
(y/n) = your name
If It's not too much trouble, please leave me a comment when you are finished.
"Come on, already! What's taking so long?"
Happy winced as Natsu's loud, impatient yell, shattered the still, summer air. He hoped their guide would come soon. Natsu would be smashing trees before long, and that would not make a good impression on their employers.
The little blue cat glanced at the job request again. They were definitely in the right place, but Happy began to feel that something was definitely wrong. Very rarely were they asked to meet someone by the side of a rarely-used dirt road.
He reflected it had been a good idea to leave Lucy behind. She had been somewhat astonished, and perhaps slightly hurt, when Happy and Natsu had insisted that they take the next jo
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SHIFT - A Reason to Fight
The snow had blanketed the park. It glittered in the weighed down branches of the trees and the icy ground. To a casual observer, it would have been a strange sight. The young man with hair too white for his years, walking through the newly-fallen snow, leaving behind no footprints. His breath formed no mists in the cold night air and even his crooked staff made no impression in the snow. His head was bowed in thought and sprinkles of snow dusted his blue hoodie.
Jack Frost raised his head and addressed the moon. “I can understand how hard it must have been.”
No reply came.
“Being alone for so long, without company or comfort. I could've easily been the same.” The boy paused, lost once more in his thoughts. When he spoke again, his voice was soft with sympathy.
“It would have been worse for Mori. I was lucky. I couldn't remember what I was missing. He knew exactly what he'd lost.” His head drooped again, shoulders hunching with misery.
“And now
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Fanfiction - Chapter 11: They're human Pokemon!
You do not have to read all of the previous chapters for this chapter to make sense. You are more than welcome to simply start from this chapter: Fanfiction - Chapter Ten: A Malfunction. However, if you do wish to read from the first chapter, please use the link in the description. We would appreciate your feedback.

The man’s words snapped Coach Hedge out of his shock. He saw a weird, blue penguin thing, a yellow mouse thing and a cream cat thing. And did the predictable thing.
“Monsters! Die! Die! Die!” he screamed reaching for club. He took a swung at Pikachu, who was still seated on Ash’s shoulder. Pokémon and trainer jumped at the same time Ash to his right and Pikachu to the left, landing on the floor. Rory tackled Coach Hedge, trying to pin him down.
Jason reacted instinctively, summoning his lightning and aiming it at Rory. At the same time,
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Opposable Thumbs - Chapter 3: Dilemma
The Fairy Tail members listened to Happy's tale silently, but their twitching faces and quivering shoulders indicated that most of them were attempting to stifle their laughter. Sensing this, Happy balefully glared at them.
Lucy inspected him closely. Now that she thought about it, he really did resemble the little Exceed. His voice, mannerisms and gestures were all Happy's and it was unlikely they could have been copied. And what would be the point of copying them anyway? If someone kidnapped Happy, they would have more trouble from the guild than Happy was worth...
"Well, what happened then?" Natsu demanded, impatient and seemingly unaware of his little friend's distress, snapping Lucy out of her musings.
Lucy reflected that Natsu certainly seemed convinced that the child was Happy. Perhaps his scent was also still the same.
"Well, I wanted to fly so that I could find you guys quickly, but I wasn't sure I could fly. And I was tired after all that walking, so I slept for a bit, and th
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Bigger on the inside by BrigadierBenchpress Bigger on the inside :iconbrigadierbenchpress:BrigadierBenchpress 39 31
Fanfiction - Chapter 9: Worse than Beetroot
The Doctor raced around the control room, pushing buttons and pulling levers. But he seemed to be deep in thought.
Still thinking, the Doctor leaned on the console panel, accidentally pushing a lever up with his elbow. He yelped as the TARDIS shuddered and halted. “Oops,” he muttered.
“Doctor, what have you done now?” demanded Amy, annoyed.
“It was an accident!” the Doctor exclaimed defensively.
“So… where are we?” asked Brock, a little nervous.
“Well,” the Doctor began tapping a screen next to the lever. The screen blinked and turned off. The Doctor sighed and turned around. “We’ll have to find out the hard way. Stay here!” he ordered as he walked out the door.
The Doctor looked around, startled to find himself in what appeared to be a covered stairwell. The TARDIS had materialised on the landing. He noticed a group of teenagers, ten of them, in school uniform sitting and standing on the stairs, gapin
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Opposable Thumbs - Chapter 2: A Chance Encounter
Happy walked alone, quietly seething with anger. Who cared what anyone else thought? It didn't matter to him! Let them go and hold their stupid craft fair and see if he helped.
Happy stopped abruptly, his paws hurting badly from his indignant stomping across the streets of Magnolia City. He blinked, surprised by how far he had come. Wallowing in anger and self-pity he had failed to see where his paws were taking him, and now found himself standing in an alley between two shops.
He turned to leave and tripped over a bottle that had been discarded among the other rubbish in the alley. Happy paused to inspect the strange bottle.
It was the size and shape of a bottle of wine, but blue in colour. Almost the same shade of blue, in fact, as Happy himself. It was smooth, unmarked and apparently empty. However, it was surprisingly heavy for an empty bottle. But none of that had drawn Happy's attention to it.
No, that had been because of the yelp of surprise that had issued
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Beach 2 by BrigadierBenchpress Beach 2 :iconbrigadierbenchpress:BrigadierBenchpress 16 4 Beach 1 by BrigadierBenchpress Beach 1 :iconbrigadierbenchpress:BrigadierBenchpress 18 18 Natsu's Cosplay by BrigadierBenchpress Natsu's Cosplay :iconbrigadierbenchpress:BrigadierBenchpress 77 35 The Most Reliable Duo by BrigadierBenchpress The Most Reliable Duo :iconbrigadierbenchpress:BrigadierBenchpress 51 30
Opposable Thumbs - Chapter 1: Paws
Happy strolled around the new guild hall, bemused. This place was a lot smaller than the old guild hall, but that made sense. The number of people in Fairy Tail has changed a lot since seven years ago. And everyone who had come back from Tenrou Island was completely broke after those seven years.
But they hadn't let that stop them! Happy wasn't sure where the idea started. But it sounded like something Wendy or Levy would have come up with. A craft stall!
Every single table in the guild hall was covered with construction paper, ribbons and glue. There were paint stains on every face, distorted by frowns of concentration as objects were delicately glued or sewed on. Even Natsu, who wasn't the best craftsman in the guild, had enthusiastically joined in, baking clay idols and pots fashioned by his guild mates.
Everyone agreed that the money would be split equally amongst all the members, with some put away for use by the guild. And everyone had contributed to the venture, painting and nai
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Fanfiction - Chapter 7: Bad Poetry
“How could they get away so quickly?” asked Ash, frustrated and worried.
“I don’t know! They probably got away while we were busy talking to Merlin and Gaius,” said the Doctor rubbing his stomach, where Pikachu’s tail had poked him.
“Dawn was right! We shouldn’t have let them join us,” muttered Amy furiously, glaring at the Doctor.
“How was I to know that Team Rocket would do that?” demanded the Doctor, annoyed. “Besides, I couldn’t have gone back anyway. The Daleks would’ve caught us!”
“Enough!” yelled Brock. “We don’t have time to argue. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we need to rescue Team Rocket. NOW!”
Team Rocket sneaked into a lavish bedroom, moving straight towards the large, intricately carved wardrobe set against a wall. James and Jessie grabbed one door each, and pulled it open. Th
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Take My Love [Neko!Levi x Reader]
“Levi, what the actual hell is this?”
A moment to yourself; that was all you wanted. Your parents pressured you day in and day out about your stupid, upcoming semester. Your friends bombarded you with parties and dinners that finally repelled you. Even your best friend started to irritate you with her constant texts and calls. Turning off every device you owned, you broke out of your cage of an apartment just to run by the grocery store to buy some well deserved Chinese food and ice cream.
And what were you greeted with? The cheery atop this sundae of madness you had been doubled dipped in headfirst? Your damn cat, Levi, left your new couch in ruins. It just arrived yesterday, one that had been put on back order multiple times. The left arm rest was covered in scratch marks, and little white pieces of stuffing scattered about the wooden leg.
Of course, the little bastard was no where to be seen. This moment just defined your entire week right there.
Half slamming your groce
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 1,338 455
Queen Heichou [Levi x Reader]
Very quick note: This includes a lot of 'bohemian rhapsody' by queen, so if you haven't heard it before, firstly shame on you ;) you've been missing out, secondly listen, so you get an idea of the magnitude of the song. Link in the description! enjoy.
Soapy water squelched into the material of your trousers at the knees, as you scrubbed at a mysterious smudge of what you hoped was dirt on the floor. You scowled at its refusal to come off, pressing the scrubbing brush hard into the rich wooden boards and attacking the mark with renewed vigour, swearing quietly as you went along.
Scrub every second floor corridor spotless; the punishment, astoundingly, was not from your boyfriend, aka Corporal Clean-Freak, but Erwin Smith. It was more than humiliating to be reprimanded by the Commander of the Survey Corps, the biggest big cheese, let alone be caught for your crimes. How Connie and Sasha had convinced you that spiking tonight
:iconthatguywhosketches:thatguywhosketches 268 103
All Those Psychiatrists
The Doctor has appeared at Amy's wedding. Her imaginary friend is real, and her parents realize they owe her an apology...
Balloons and flowers and wine glasses, loud music played, a breeze wafted in through the tall windows. Augustus and Tabitha Pond pulled their daughter privately to the side of the wedding reception, contrite looks on their faces.
"Amelia, I'm so sorry," her chubby father said, he grasped her hands tightly, looking up at her mournfully. "All those years..."
"All those psychiatrists we sent you to," her mother said, a harrowed look in her eye.
"I did tell you," Amy pointed out. But she was too happy today to bear her parents a grudge. She had her parents back! They didn't know that, but she did, she'd forgive them anything, just for existing.
Her father's eyes flickered over her shoulder at a particularly raucous round of laughter from the party behind them. There was an "Oops!" and the sound of a champagne glass breaking. "Sorry!"
Tabitha looked
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 19 2
I wuv yu by lordsesshomarusgf I wuv yu :iconlordsesshomarusgf:lordsesshomarusgf 18 18 All the Warmth I Need by Miyukitty All the Warmth I Need :iconmiyukitty:Miyukitty 67 72 Levi Ackerman - Fanfiction Cover by EvaBirthday Levi Ackerman - Fanfiction Cover :iconevabirthday:EvaBirthday 12 28 Heylo Marco - AOT  by Miss--Nutella Heylo Marco - AOT :iconmiss--nutella:Miss--Nutella 15 11 Eren jaeger fanart by christianamiel21 Eren jaeger fanart :iconchristianamiel21:christianamiel21 568 39 Attack on titan~Emma Weatherstone by sak0fpotatoes Attack on titan~Emma Weatherstone :iconsak0fpotatoes:sak0fpotatoes 18 12 [ c o m m i s s i o n ] Sophia and Ida by dinaaw [ c o m m i s s i o n ] Sophia and Ida :icondinaaw:dinaaw 24 6 Last Hope by Ospreyghost13 Last Hope :iconospreyghost13:Ospreyghost13 46 2 strategist by Meelury strategist :iconmeelury:Meelury 27 6 [GIF] Jean and Female!Jean Kirschstein by NightcoreJean [GIF] Jean and Female!Jean Kirschstein :iconnightcorejean:NightcoreJean 12 2 Titan-ium bullets by ALImazing Titan-ium bullets :iconalimazing:ALImazing 22 2 Attack on Titan comics by MadHearts Attack on Titan comics :iconmadhearts:MadHearts 12 7


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