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Autumn's Children
Being what I am, I really do not need to breathe.
After all, my heart does not beat. My blood does not flow, not in the usual way, at least. I imagine that my lungs hardly know what to do with oxygen anymore. I need the movement of air across my vocal chords to speak, but it has been years since I had anything like a social life so that, too, is a rare occurrence. No more than once or twice a year, I expect.
Even still, sitting on this park bench, I am inhaling as much of the midnight air as I can contain. Once I let it out in a long exhale, I will breathe it all in again, a cycle I have been repeating for the past two and a half hours - an idea of fun that no one seems to share with me.
I have slept a long time, whiling away the days until the calendar reads September again. After spending more than two hundred years experiencing it by night, the world just does not hold the same interest for me as it did when I was young. Sleeping away the better part of each year is a mercy for me.
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A Midsummer Night's Storm
I rocked slowly back and forth on the porch chair. The concrete was cool beneath my bare toes, and although the wire mesh seat wasn't the most comfortable, there was no way I was going to miss an awesome storm like this. I had never realized that the porch was just the right size for squalling summer nights. It was hard to believe that I had never taken the time to appreciate it before.
I could feel the faintest cool mist from the rain, but I wasn't getting uncomfortably wet. If the wind decided to pick up much, it would probably be a different story. Until then, I was determined to sit and rock and enjoy myself. No music. No phone. No internet. Not even a good old fashioned paperback. It was just me and a thundering midnight rain. I drifted into nonsense thoughts - books to read, pictures to draw, whether, soaked pajamas aside, it would really be as fun as it sounded to just get up and walk out into that storm, not a care in the world.
Absentmindedly, I rubbed the wrist brace on my ar
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Forever Clock by brietta-a-m-f Forever Clock :iconbrietta-a-m-f:brietta-a-m-f 3 6 Gray Fullbuster by brietta-a-m-f Gray Fullbuster :iconbrietta-a-m-f:brietta-a-m-f 2 6 Lucy Quick Sketch by brietta-a-m-f Lucy Quick Sketch :iconbrietta-a-m-f:brietta-a-m-f 0 4 Shooby-Doo-Bop! by brietta-a-m-f Shooby-Doo-Bop! :iconbrietta-a-m-f:brietta-a-m-f 1 2 Nero Jumps Sol by brietta-a-m-f Nero Jumps Sol :iconbrietta-a-m-f:brietta-a-m-f 1 4 Gray by brietta-a-m-f Gray :iconbrietta-a-m-f:brietta-a-m-f 1 6 Hook and Wolf - Full Color by brietta-a-m-f Hook and Wolf - Full Color :iconbrietta-a-m-f:brietta-a-m-f 2 4 Solomon Hook - Lineart by brietta-a-m-f Solomon Hook - Lineart :iconbrietta-a-m-f:brietta-a-m-f 0 4 Stained Glass Link - Full Color by brietta-a-m-f Stained Glass Link - Full Color :iconbrietta-a-m-f:brietta-a-m-f 2 5 Blue Eyes White Dragon - Full Color by brietta-a-m-f Blue Eyes White Dragon - Full Color :iconbrietta-a-m-f:brietta-a-m-f 1 4 Blue Eyes White Dragon - Lineart by brietta-a-m-f Blue Eyes White Dragon - Lineart :iconbrietta-a-m-f:brietta-a-m-f 0 4 A Dance with Death by brietta-a-m-f A Dance with Death :iconbrietta-a-m-f:brietta-a-m-f 1 2 Solomon Hook and Evin Wolf - Line Art by brietta-a-m-f Solomon Hook and Evin Wolf - Line Art :iconbrietta-a-m-f:brietta-a-m-f 0 0 Stained Glass Link - Line Art by brietta-a-m-f Stained Glass Link - Line Art :iconbrietta-a-m-f:brietta-a-m-f 5 16


As She Knows It by Clockchat As She Knows It :iconclockchat:Clockchat 3 3
Clocktober #1 - The Novel of Vico N' Moro (Part 1)
Vico's notebook was no pushover. It wasn't submissive in the slightest, opening and closing itself whenever it felt like it. Sometimes, words appeared on its pages without anyone's intervention. This usually happened when Vico had distanced himself from writing for a long time. This didn't make him happy, but he had no right to complain. He was responsible for this, after all. Creating something didn't mean he had control over it.
Thinking of this on his way home made for anxious steps. The notion robbed him of all peace. To his misfortune, a few blocks away, the cycle began anew. The notebook's cover opened on its own and the daily protest took no time to invade the yellowed pages.  
"Don't even know why I bother. Damn your lazy hide! Millions out there writing novels, and I had to be saddled with you. What you've done has no name, jerkass. It's been, what, three, four weeks? And we're still stuck in the same chapter, eh? You think because your life is misery incarnate, mine h
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Something Wicked This Way Comes by SharksDen Something Wicked This Way Comes :iconsharksden:SharksDen 321 29 Spider temple 03 by Benlo Spider temple 03 :iconbenlo:Benlo 582 5
Autumn Arboretum
I find myself in the woods. It's autumn, the leaves are orange and brown, and the ground is covered with them. The trees are majestic and tall: maple, oak, and redwood. The light filters through them with a soft glow. It seems to be near dusk. The ground slopes gently upward, and as I look back I see that I am near the edge of the trees. No. The hill slopes down to a small path. At least, it seems to be a path. There is gravel or signs of travel, just a small flat surface before the ground slopes up again on the other side.
There is no sound. Not the chirp of a bird, or the chatter of a squirrel, nor even the sound of the wind which is blowing the leaves. Even as I walk towards the path I hear not the sound of the leaves under my feet. Reaching the path, I notice yet another oddity: I cannot feel the wind either. In fact, I cannot feel if I am cold or warm. I do not smell the normal smells of the forest. I seem to be robbed of all my senses, except that of sight.
Up until now, more con
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Adventure Bubble by Derioh Adventure Bubble :iconderioh:Derioh 21 12 Lupin the 3rd + Cowboy Bebop: Boom by Kumama Lupin the 3rd + Cowboy Bebop: Boom :iconkumama:Kumama 14 21 Port by arsenixc Port :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 6,651 149 Catching Raindrops by TamberElla Catching Raindrops :icontamberella:TamberElla 3,292 68 Scorpio by patriciabrennan Scorpio :iconpatriciabrennan:patriciabrennan 762 52 Aquarius by patriciabrennan Aquarius :iconpatriciabrennan:patriciabrennan 912 74 Gemini by patriciabrennan Gemini :iconpatriciabrennan:patriciabrennan 1,160 88 Sagittarius by patriciabrennan Sagittarius :iconpatriciabrennan:patriciabrennan 997 68 Aries by patriciabrennan Aries :iconpatriciabrennan:patriciabrennan 811 59 Leo by patriciabrennan Leo :iconpatriciabrennan:patriciabrennan 257 18 Virgo by patriciabrennan Virgo :iconpatriciabrennan:patriciabrennan 375 30


This story captured so much in a short space. There was risk of overcrowding, including the past present, and all of the emotions both ...

One of the most interesting things about this is the feeling that slowly comes through that Grandfather really does care for our protag...



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Welcome to my lair!

Well, my virtual lair, anyway, where I post my creative exploits, experiments and many unfinished projects. Most commonly, you will see traditional sketches, portraits and landscapes, and well as prose writing. I've got art based in horror, sci-fi/fantasy, historical periods, wildlife, anime/manga, gaming, something for almost everyone really! So kick back, relax and enjoy browsing my galleries!

Thanks for stopping by!

"With these hands, if you could change the color of anything,
what color would you change it to?"
~Uverworld, Reversi

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Oh my goodness, it has been far too long since I have checked in here. And for that I am sorry! :ashamed:

I have been dealing with a full time job that I'm not overly fond of, though it does pay the bills, planning (and tomorrow executing!!) a move into a house with an old and very dear friend. Also starting a new church and two Bible study groups, becoming involved with an international missions group, and the remaining responsibilities in the army until I get released from that in February, and trying to keep up a social life with my friends, and continue my workout regimen, well I haven't much time to get on here. Writing and drawing has taken a backseat for a while, as I only have enough time to pursue one hobby now, and I have chosen reading for the moment.

And because none of those things are going away, I cannot promise that I will be a more active. But I will try. I doubt there will be much content posted by me, at least not until I have time to create content to post, but I want to do better at replying and commenting. So, we shall see!

Anywho, have a happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for your patience with my prolonged absences! You all are the best! :D


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