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ARIANA: A Pathos Sidetrack by briescha ARIANA: A Pathos Sidetrack by briescha
(Available here on Amazon Kindle:… Paperback soon to follow! )

Ariana is a teen with a debilitating bone disorder who is suddenly freed from her malady--with the most horrible consequences. 

When her long-lost aunt collects her from the hospital and takes her to a far-off dream world of eternal springtime and the mansion in the mountain, her life's many mysteries begin to unfold. 

When the darkness presses all around and a nightmare descends on her new home, Ariana uncovers the greatest secret of her race, and the worst horrors. 

TIMELINE NOTES-- A Pathos Sidetrack is a companion novella to the Pathos Series by sci-fi/fantasy author Tamara Henson. Pathos Sidetracks serve as a bridge between the past and present, worlds far and near, and characters who demand a little more time in the spotlight!

ART NOTES: I planned on simple designs for all my Sidetrack novels to set them apart from the highly detailed covers on the main Pathos series. However, I got carried away and had so much fun with this digital painting! I designed cover art for this third published book, did all internal design and wrote/edited/revised the manuscript.
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December 10, 2014
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