DeviantArtist Questionnaire

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  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
    - For 2 and a half years.

  1. What does your username mean?
    - It's a fantasy name, what I gave myself, when I took part in a fantasy role play xd It doesn't have any meaning, it's just a name. Brielle is from Gabrielle (figured it out later, after I started to use) and Fantasy... you know the meaning.

  2. Describe yourself in three words.
    - dreamer, creative, funny (I guess xd)

  3. Are you left or right handed?
    - right

  4. What was your first deviation?
    - I've already deleted it, but now my oldest art is this:
    Nicki Minaj PSD Header {RENEWED} by BrielleFantasy

  5. What is your favourite type of art to create?
    - webdesigns

  6. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
    - I would be a master of flat design style, bcuz I'm not really good at it xd

  7. What was your first favourite?
    - This was my first favourie:
    Lucy Hale PSD header by ChocolateCream-Betty

  8. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
    - Graphic designs and Photoshop brushes :D

  9. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
    - cherryproductionsorg of course :3

  10. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
    - I would meet with Nikrecia ♥ 

  11. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    - I started to use DA even more often.

  12. What are your preferred tools to create art?
    - Hmm... Maybe it's the brush tool in Photoshop.

  13. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
    - Listen to my favourite songs in my room with a good mug of cappuchino at night.

  14. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
    - I can't really pick one, but maybe my fav memory is when DA got a new design, and there was a game, and I got a badge xd


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