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This is the last personal piece for 2009. It may be a few months until I get the chance to do another one for myself. The idea here is that a Troll was caught in the sun light and turned to stone. He's been there for decades and now a girl comes from the castle to visit.

gouache over watercolour on paper
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I saw this and thought, "She's waiting for sundown so her friend will come to life again and play." Love the contrast between her almost prissy, color-coordinated attire and her disheveled hair. 
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Wow, absolutely wonderful! Love how organic everything feels, the colour palette is excellent and I love the different textures you've created on the foliage and rocks!
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thanx for sharing this... :D
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It remenber me creatures I saw when I walk in forest...
Great !
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Featured your work here: [link]
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How quickly does gouache dry and is it any good for putting significant detail into? It's a medium I've been wanting to try but don't know terribly much about.
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This is wonderful! Really captures the aspect of trolls blending in with nature!
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Such a melancholy but beautiful image.
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Poor troll :) still a lovely picture
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Beautiful! It makes me remind of Alan Lee's work.
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I love how the fossilized troll has become part of the natural landscape! Beautiful details on the foliage! :)
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Wonderfully poignant. I love the monochromatic color of the foreground, and the way the purple accent on the figure attracts the eye. Keep up the fine work! :D
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so biutiful! like a fairy tail!!!
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Ohhh this is sooo lovelyy
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I love the girl's dress! ^.^
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This is not the type of piece I would normally look at, but something about it is very striking. I love the bright purple you used on the girl. It provides a bright contrast to the overall darkness of the piece and helps accentuate her sweetness and innocence.

Does she realize it's a troll, or does she just think it's a pile of rocks she can recline on? I image she comes and talks to him about her troubles when it seems no one else will listen. :heart:
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Hi, this picture is included in a News Article I have put together featuring some of my favourite artworks showcasing skillful and beautiful use of traditional media. Please do check it out at [link] to see some other impressive work. Also, please do give it a :heart: so that the feature can get some exposure. Claire :)
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