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Autumn Winds

Watercolour on Paper. This one is an old favourite. It was the first piece of mine that was accepted into Spectrum. (number 6)
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So extremely beautiful.:faint:
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like me with my girlfriends!)))))
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Watching your work is like being in the fairytale)
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You're artwork is fantasy in the truest sense. Bravo!
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You're = Your. Oops!
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your works amazing
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This beautiful deviation has been featured here: [link].
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that's not water colour ! It is impossible to create something awesome like that with it! :P

Love it.

Makes me wonder what's the story behind it
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i really enjoy their simple faces! it makes me smile so much! the colour is wonderful! like when you put on sunglasses in the woods!
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My dream last night had something to do with this picture...I just remembered it was there, but I can't remember how or why. Good job injecting this into my subconscious.
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this is amazing... did you get an idea from a story, or is it all yours?
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Wow , this is amazing . It's like you took out the pictures from my imagination and translated them into this paper :)
I mean , the soft tones , the characters ,background , it's all amazing .
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This is fantastic! I've featured it in my recent journal entry :)
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I absolutely love this!
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hahaha so funny!!
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Wonderful picture! I'm very keen to know how you get that wooden texture on the trees using watercolors, I've tried that alot myself, but never quite got it.
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Haha this is so funny! Excellent illustration :)
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Composition in this one reminds me of 2 Goya paintings, the Fates and Asmodea if you are familiar with either? You have a very fantastic technique your paintings really bring me back to all the fairytales I was read as a child. You portray the world wonderfully.
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love this one

unique and original piece!
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You've been featured at "99 detailed artwork" in [link] . Thank you!
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How adorable and inspiring...

Take me to that dreamy lands so that I can sit under a tree and write in peace :)
bougainvillea's avatar
Oh! Fantastic! I love that tree! Ü
(beautiful beautiful !)
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