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My Bio
The happiest time of my life was when I was doing my PhD in medieval archaeology in the UK. After I completed my research studying medieval Cyprus, I returned to Warsaw and started work as a curator of the medieval gallery in one of the museums in the city. Life is still good. Thank you for visiting my gallery - it is a pleasure to know that someone visits this little corner of the internet :)

Favourite Visual Artist
To be honest, I think my favourite artist is Akitku - she has a profile here on DA - please check out her wonderful comic and watercolours!
Favourite Books
Camille Enlart - Gothic art and Rennesaince in Cyprus, Denys Pringle - Churches of the Kingdom of Jerusalem vol. 1-4
Favourite Games
Medieval Total War II, baldurs Gate II, Vampire The masquerade Redemption,
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
Medieval Archaeology, Byzantium, Crusades (both in the Levant and in the Baltic), Culture of frontier regions, Multiculturalism and religious diversity
I do not expect many people to read this since, sadly, I have not been very active in DA for the last two years. Still, if anyone happens to check this journal, please consider supporting my crowd-funding campaign to buy civilian drone for the defenders of Ukraine – here is a link. It is a Polish fund-rising which is absolutely legitimate and safe. To start an account there I had to sent scans of my ID documents so that the owners of the page can contact me. Here is a longer version of my plea, in case somebody has time and interest to read it! First, let me introduce myself, my name is Tomasz Borowski. I am a professional archaeologist specializing in crusader studies. I started DA account in 2012 when I was still a student in the UK. I currently live in Warsaw and work in one of museums here. Since the beginning of Russian invasion of Ukraine me and my family have been doing everything we can to help Ukrainian refugees and Ukrainian army. Immediately upon
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Back to DA!

1 min read
So I have decided to return to DA and try to get used to all its new elements. It is a real pleasure to know that the site is not fully dead yet (thank you for the messages - they were really heartwarming!). So, sorry for being such a drama queen about returning - I am glad there are still some old, familiar faces (accounts?) here. Tomorrow I will post some new material but now I will start catching up and enjoying the works of those in my watch-list. See you around!
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Is anyone here?

1 min read
Hi! Sorry to bother you - for the last few months I have not been active on DA. That is because I do not like the new design and I have difficulties getting used to it. Now I am not sure whether I should simply delete this account and sort of 'move on' with my life or maybe there is still some sense in being active here? Again, sorry for bothering yo with this but before I will made the decision I just wanted to ask if any of my watchers is still active on DA? If you read this and you plan on being active here for some time can you please sent me a quick message or write a short comment? I have been active on DA for many years and it feels a bit sad to just 'let it go.' On the other hand, I do not like the changes and I have seen that many many interesting and talented people have left this site for good. Please, help me make the decision and again, sorry for the trouble!
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How are things in Poland? Are you alright?

Hi - thank you for asking and getting in touch! As usual, I also apologise for taking so long to reply - yesterday, I logged in to DeviantArt for the first time since March.... It is great to hear from you! We are doing fine. A number of refugees live in our house now - eight people live in my family home in which I grew up, one person lives with me and my wife (we have only two room flat and two dogs so our options are limited), another two lives with my wife's parents and further three live in my grandmonther's flat which was empty after she died this autumn. So, we are fairly packed :)Also, cancelled my life insurance and bought a DJI MAVIC 3 drone which we donated to the defenders of Ukraine and now I am trying to crowd-fund money for another drone... So, other than work, most of our lives recently have been dominated by the war in Ukraine but we are safe and fortunately still employed :) How are you doing these days? Thank you again for getting in touch!

When I was a boy, I read Henryk Sienkiewicz, Nikolai Gogol, and Leo Tolstoy and I dreamed about running away and joining the Cossacks. Ukraine is kind of special to me.

Well, I lost my job and I’ve been struggling with depression, but I am sure you are having much more difficulties than I am. I feel bad because I can’t do anything about the war and everyone else here doesn’t seem to care. A few people have accused me and called me horrible things because I support Ukraine and because I am an orthodox Christian. I donated some money to charity and I signed up for a mission trip to help refugees in Poland, but I don’t know if the trip will actually happen. I always feel inferior to you because you are so well-learned and so well-traveled.

Thank you for replying - I do not think I have more difficulties thank you do. These things are hard to measure and I do not think there is much sense comparing difficulties people face. Some things which are emotionally difficult for me are easy for my wife and vice versa. If people call you names because you care about the suffering of others then it just shows how cruel or dogmatic they are. Similarly, attacking you for the fact that you are Orthodox is just terrible and silly. Orthodox Christianity has a wonderful and rich cultural tradition - something that can make Orthodox people justly proud. Also, regarding Ukraine, many Orthodox people in Greece, Bulgaria or Cyprus support Ukraine while others support Russia - there is no one 'side' which all Orthodox people take on this (though I would prefer if more people would side with Ukraine). We do not know each other but from what you post and from what you write you seem to be a wonderful and compassionate person that should not feel inferior to anyone. If it is any conciliation, for the last two years I also have been struggling with depression because I did not manage to get to work as a lecturer in a university and my job in the Museum is fairly boring. Also, for the last two years I did not publish any academic articles.... So, thank you for being compassionate and congratulations on being Orthodox! If by any chance you will visit Poland let me know, I would be happy to meet and show you around :)! All the best and lets stay in touch!

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