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.:Brickercup:. 6. Comfort

30 Themes Brickercup Challenge

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.:Brickercup:. Stop That Damn Flirting!


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.:PPG_OTP_Kisses:. Butchubbles~


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.:Blossoomer:. In Each Others' Colors~

Belloomer, Blossoomer

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Top 3 Couples: MXR MaXD BCXBR

PokeOcs Couples and Original Characters

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.:ShikaIno:. Kiddy Love~

Naruto Couples and Art

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SasuAki- I Love You

Friends ocs I drew

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New OC- James

Mixed Anime

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Double Dates? (Prinack/Brickercup) Pt.1

I was in a fanfiction mood. Couples: Prinack/Brickercup


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LeeSaku Meme

My Anime Memes

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Tyren pics

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Chayze- Cozy

Rayze Chazz

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ChazzXOc Base 3


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AT- Bloom and Brick

Collabs, Art Trades, Gifts, Requests

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Kyon+Tyren (WIP)

Kyon Megushi

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.:Brickubbles:. Forehead Kissu~

Brickubbles Blossutch and Boomercup

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Brick vs Butch- Buttercup (Request)

Brick vs. Butch

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Tyren and Ryzon!

Ryzon Koyuki

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.:Rynto:. Go Away, Shirogane-sama! -_-


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.:PPG_OTP_Kisses:. Bunnitch~

Bunny Mitch

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PPGxRRB Kisses

All PPGs and RRBS

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Bunny- Heart (Lineless)


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S.o.O OC- Taya Puffed!~

SoO- Taya Jasmine Others

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MxR Screen Shot


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.:XEvolution:. New Experiences (New Outfits)

New Experiences

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.:Teen-PPNKG-Practice:. Blushy Brute~

Blushy Collection

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Naruto Shipping Meme/Chart_BMX3 Final Update~

Shipping Memes

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.:Gwent:. The Goth And Her Musician~

TD RR stuff

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.:Losing Courage:. ((Prologue))

**Serena's P.O.V** How could this happen? How DID it happen? It was always supposed to be you and I. Together. Forever. I've told myself that over and over. So... Where did we go wrong, Drew? Tell me! I need the reasons. For I can't bare to let you go. I've lost my first love already, so please don't be the second love, I failed to keep. I... I need you! I was soon interrupted from my thoughts as I heard a familiar voice nearby. "Serena, you alright there?" I turned around and saw her. She looked concerned, somewhat. "Just fine," I replied to her. I wasn't fine. No. I was far from it. but she didn't need to know that. "You know...

Losing Courage fanfiction

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.:Day 3:. Watching A Movie~

30 Day OTP Challenge

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.:Dark Bloom x Jim:. Villain Love~

Winx Club

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.:Lyvia:. He Loves His Water Mage~

Fairy Tail

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.:BudOsana:. Martial Arts Training Mishap~

Yandere Sim

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What's It Like To Be In Love?

Prologue: A fateful meeting. ______ Love. Sounds so simple, it should be easy to understand. I always told myself I've known the feeling. But how wrong was I? Ever since we've started going out, he'd always ditch me for some new stupid Championship League. And only come back around when in the mood. And for a while, it had been enough for me, because I thought that was the way he showed love. It wasn't the case. I should have known Ash was too dense to understand what love truly meant. Perhaps he's only doing it out of pity. Like I'm some lost puppy with specific needs and issues only he can help out with. ----------- I sighed, looki

What's It Like To Be In Love?

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.:OutcryShipping:. Enough

They haven't known each other too long. Their meeting was merely a coincidence. Just the brunette girl's presence alone, sufficed to ease the pain the purple haired boy's been hiding under his cold demeanor. They were like light and dark. Warm and cold. Calm and impulsive. Two sides of the same coin. They completed each other, as much as he'd try to deny it. They were an unlikely pair, many would say. But that didn't matter to them, they weren't going to acknowledge the opinions of others. May knew from the start, she might never understand the guy. However, she's taken notice of the way he always seems to hide his emotions. As unhealthy a

Pokemon Oneshots

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.:SR-Batch-2:. RomanticShipping

Sketch Requests

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.:Teen!PPG:. Bunny~

Teen PPG_RRB_PPNKG Official HC Outfits

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.:TimberShy:. Library Encounters~


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.:SunAria/TimberShy_Month_Day_12:. SunAria~


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.:SH:. Piper x Dark Ace~

Storm Hawks

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.:Snowbert:. I Wish I Could Fix You...

The Flash

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Letting The Darkness Take Over~

PPGxRRB Next Gen

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Justice League

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The Princess of The Village of Dragons~


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.:Sanosuke x Sayo:.


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.:Brickercup:. OTP_Theme_1. Kiss On The Lips~

Ultimate Romantic 100 Themes OTP Challenge

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.:MHA_Pride_Month_Day_16:. TodoBaku~

BNHA Fanart

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.:Amour:. New Experiences [//Scrapped//]


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