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.:Sketch_RQ:. Ichigo x Minto~

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For SapphireQueen23. (This is only meant to be a sketch, so I'm not going to lineart/color.)

Out of the options I was given, I decided to go with Ichigo x Minto simply because it's been a while since I've last drawn anything TMM related. And it was nice to draw Minto again, she's my fave of the girls anyway. 

But yeah, this ship's cute. I love the idea that if Ichigo were into gals, Minto would be her first choice. :giggle:
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Dawww~ IchiMint is so sweet :3
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Thanks. :aww: They certainly are, aren't they? Always enjoyed their dynamic. :giggle:
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No problem! :meow: Most definitely~ no matter how annoying she may be, Mint just can't say no to her kitty girl ;P
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She really can't. ;P Plus having the kitty girl for herself has its upsides. Mint just wants the best, and winning the heart of the beloved cat girl every guy wants gives her all sorts of bragging rights. 
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So cute! :3

Is it bad that I kind of want to see a Future Tokyo Mew Mew spin-off of some sort with these two? :D If you want, I can tell you more about it. 
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Thanks. :aww:

Not at all. I like the idea already. ^^ Sure, I'm all ears if you'd like to share.
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Welcome :)

Hm, another Tokyo Mew Mew spin-off besides A La Mode? Well, here's what I would want.

-I want this to be a Future AU where Ichigo x Masaya didn't stay together. Of course, they end it on good terms, unlike some fanfic writers... :aww: )
-Like I said above, I want this to be a future AU. It's about 3 years after A La Mode takes place. 
-It's slightly mature/serious than the previous series, but not too much. I would still like it to be lighthearted in a sense :XD:
-More development for the characters and comparisons between the characters and from where they first started out (like show us Ichigo's growth into whiny/scared into a brave leader).
-More focus on relationships (platonic and romantic), especially Ichigo x Minto since I like that :XD:
-Since Ichigo x Minto is getting together, maybe pairs like Lettuce x Masaya can get together? I also personally want Pudding x Tart too. 
-Of course another villain. Maybe the return of Deep Blue or entirely different ones?
-Power ups for all the mews besides Mew Ichigo. 
-Maybe the aliens and the saint rose crusaders can come back and help out? Because the new enemy is so strong?

Just a couple of ideas on the top of my head. Do you want to add anything? 
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Things sound pretty good to me actually. 

Ichigo x Masaya is cute and all, but it's still nice to explore other options in AUs. 
I'm so in for Lettuce x Masaya being a thing since that's personally an OTP of mine. As for Pudding x Tart, I'm neutral, never got into it honestly. (I would like to make Keiichiro x Zakuro a thing though, I always thought they'd be a fun pair.)
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I'm glad you like it!

I love Ichigo x Masaya to bits! It's nice to see a pairing happening pre-series. Also there cute, healthy and it's a nice change from typical anime pairings with the protagonist. However, I agree with you completely. Maybe in a direct continuation (not an AU), Ichigo x Masaya would be the obvious (but good) choice, but in my AU, I want Ichigo x Minto to get together :) Lettuce x Masaya also makes a lot of sense (probably even a lot more sense than Lettuce x Ryou, even though I do like them). 

Pudding x Tart will always be cute to me ^^ I heard that the pair had a lot more chemistry in the manga. I feel like that Pudding could bring the best out of Tart honestly. And OMG! Keiichiro x Zakuro sounds SO AMAZING NOW!? I don't know why I haven't thought about that before! :D Though is it really ok since Keiichiro is an adult? Though in this universe, I think it's ok now since Zakuro should be about 17/18 since it takes place 3 years later? But either way, I think your right. It does seem like an interesting pair. I did ship Zakuro x Pai, but now you pointed out that it probably would be most likely a boring pair, I don't know anymore. 
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Of course. ^^ It's nice.

Ichigo x Masaya is cute. I have no issue with them being canon, even if they're not exactly my preferred pairing. They went through good development, so that's good. ^^ In an AU, Minto x Ichigo would be fun. I always liked the two as a pair. :heart: It does. There was always something that drew me to them. (True. I mean Ryou x Lettuce is cute on its own, I just don't think it was meant to last.)

Maybe... But I don't read the manga and I'm honestly not really interested in it. I prefer to work with the series based on my own ideas. ^^ Wouldn't it be fun? I can see them have such a sweet relationship. :D I didn't really see much of an issue with the pair, since in the english dub, the two are the exact same age. So I prefer to go with that than whatever the canon ages actually are. That's just me though. ^^; I don't mind Pai x Zakuro, I actually kinda ship it, but it's not my favorite.
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