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Miraculous Shipping Meme~

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Credit to: MajesticPrincePowers for the meme.

I've deleted the older one and basically just decided to update my opinions to one with less characters, where I could use most if not all characters ship-wise.

Reds & Blacks are no-nos. Meaning I'm never ever drawing them. (Or in the case of Adrienette/Alyanette, never drawing them again.)

((This is where my opinions stand right now. Made the addition of neutral too.))
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I agree with a lot of these choices (namely Lukanette, JuleRose, Chlogami, Chlonette and Myvan). I'll admit initially I didn't like Chlogami, but a lot of people helped me warm up to it and while not quite my fav I like it a lot more now (plus writing that fic is helping me appreciate it more).

Alyanette... definitely agree there. TBH I don't like Alya and her treatment of Marinette has been... awful to say the least. As if I already didn't have enough issues with the Love Square, but Alya... pushes it too hard. I guess I can see why some would like Alya, but yeah her whole role in the show (especially in later episodes) always made me uncomfortable.

On the other hand Alya x Lila? And I thought I was the only one who saw potential in that.

Happy to see Chlonette get friendship too, they both deserve better in general. Whether they be lovers, friends, you name it. Neither one is a saint by any stretch, but hey nobody's perfect.

Kagami x Felix... now that one I've been curious about...

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Happy to hear it then. :aww: Chlogami isn't on many people's radars, so not liking them at first is fine really. I know a lot of people have their own headcanons, but my liking towards them dealt more with my own views on what a relationship between them could be rather than following others' views on them. (Aww~ That sounds cute. Which fic is it?)

Alyanette used to be okay with me at first, but trying to push/force the dreaded Love Square together was just too much, it really downgraded because of it. Even moreso with Lila in the picture. Alya used to be a reliable friend for Marinette, but now? Keep her away from Marinette. Their friendship's one of the most seemingly toxic ones I've seen. You'd think a friend who calls herself a reporter would look around for facts and trust her bestie over some new girl, who so obviously lies her mouth off everyday.

Oh no, not at all! That ship may as well happen. Both girls are just awful people, and considering how they seem to get along, it would only make sense. Lila's good at turning people against Marinette.

They do. I never really understood the Chloe hate, because I don't think she's a terrible person. She's definitely misunderstood though, otherwise I doubt Adrien would have continued being her friend or given her as many chances as he has.

Honestly, I just feel she'd be a better fit for him than someone like Marinette. Kagami's pretty blunt, honest and straightforward, and I doubt she'd let him disrespect anyone, especially her. I think she'd be a good influence on him, if he were to give her a chance.

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It's called "The Weight of the Weapon" on AO3, I've only done 3 chapters and I might revise it given I'm still learning how to write. Basically they have a kendo match, Kagami beats her, but takes an interest in how confident she is and while Chloé's unsure if she wants this, she eventually learns to ease up.

And they say Chlobrina is toxic, at least their relationship is functional if not a bit tense. Alyanette is parasitic in every sense of the word. And people wonder why I don't like Alya and frequently read or want to write salt on her.

They could've done so much with Lila, I had hoped they'd at least make her a love to hate or even a good villain. Unfortunately not, not only is she rarely ever a threat, but the few times she is everyone's an idiot.

From what I know most of it stems from her being a threat to the love square and how she's a bully. And I'm quick to remind a lot of people Marinette's done a lot of the things she's done and people use the argument she's still a teen. That's true, but you know who else is still a teen? Chloé. And their problems are more due to them needing to mature more rather than being malicious.

Yeah I'm not as salty on Felix as most are personally since he did lose his dad and all he really wanted was to get Gabriel's ring. He's a little shit, but I don't think he's quite evil.