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.:KaTsuyu_Month_Day_5:. Misunderstanding?

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I know it's a super late entry... But wanted to do something a lil' angsty for my BNHA OTP...

And finally found time to finish something up for a late entry for :iconkatygorl:'s KaTsuyu month last month. ^^;

You can see the situation in a few ways...

1. Katsuki kinda lead Tsuyu on, making her believe she actually had a chance, but he was already pretty interested in Ochako. (He didn't mean to, but his actions told her otherwise)

2. Tsuyu just came to the wrong conclusion seeing her boyfriend and best friend so close. In reality they were merely just chatting and Ochako was just merely going to hug Katsuki to thank him for his help on something.

3. Tsuyu had told Ochako about her crush on Bakugou and pretty much just thought she'd betrayed her trust, by going behind her back and trying to get him for herself... When in reality Ochako was just trying her hand at match making.

((I will be working on the other 2 late entries and post them when I have the time. So don't expect to see much on here. Things will be posted as they're done and when I decide to log on again.))

In the meanwhile, I'll be posting more regularly on my Tumblr. So wanna see my art, follow me on there.
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oh no! poor tsu, i hope ochaco and katsuki tries to make things clear ;;

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what's your tumblr link?