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Inuyasha Shipping Meme~ [Updated]

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Credit to Icyvampire.

Been rewatching the anime lately. So last post for the weekend.

May update again after I'm done rewatching it entirely.

((Oops... Changed the "okay" for Kikyo x Miroku to "BROTP". ^^; Thought it'd make for a fun friendship. She wouldn't take crap from him and help him out with being a better, more respectful man (especially around Sango) with her tremendous amount of patience and all. ;P May be a dumb headcanon, but I like the idea.))
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Agree on quite a bit of this :) I'm a big InuKik shipper so this makes a ton of sense to me. I totally agree about Kikyo and Miroku being really great friends. I feel like they'd understand each other, being of the same "profession" in a sense lol

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Really? That's nice to hear. :D As am I. They're my main fave InuYasha OTP. Yes, definitely. Always thought it could have been a fun friendship to explore, if given the chance.