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Been a while since my main OTP made an appearance, huh? ;P

Yeah... Still a terrible Brickercup Queen... ^^; I'll try and post them at least once a week from now on.

My babies deserve more love~ :heart:
Brick loves his girl. :love:

Hat stealer back at it again! :3
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u has returned!! and with precious brickercup babies!! <3

seriously though, u the best brickercup queen!! and draw whatever u want, either way it's still pretty arts so I aint complaining quq

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I have, yes. ;P Bringing back these precious babies was a necessity. How could I not contribute for them again?

Awww~ Thank you! :huggle: I do. I have a few sketches in the works, but a little Brickercup once a week is something I'd like to bring back. I've done that before and it just feels right, considering they're my main OTP. ^^

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true that- I haven't seen your art in a while either so when u posted I was rlly reminded of how pretty ur style is holy hecc-

and of course!! and that's a cool idea, but you know if it's not always possible dw about it! health and rl are important too quq

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The babes! It’s always so nice seeing your artwork~! You’re also not a terrible queen at all~! ❤️💚❤️💚
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Yes, they're back~ Good ol' Brickercup is always appreciated in my account. :giggle: Aww~ Thank you. :glomp:

Sometimes I kinda feel like one, but if you don't, then guess I'm not much of a failure at it after all. XD

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