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Hi I'm Paula! ^^

I'm a nice person, but if you're mean to me and bash me for my likes and dislikes... It won't be pretty.
Anyways... As you all know...
I'm Anti Color Code.
Please don't hate me just for that, it's not a good enough reason, ok?

That's all you can know about me for now. ;p
Ask me in my profile if you want to know more about me, as long as the question isn't too personal I can answer.

:thumb379480693: Yes, it IS possible to like both by PurfectPrincessGirl

PowerPuff Girls Ships~ :3

Color Clash = OTPs~ (These are my main 3 ships from the fandom, which I will always adore and keep dear to my heart. :love:)

Pokemon Ships I Support~

:heart: Top 6 OTPs: :heart:

Former OTP (will always hold a special place in my heart.) :love:-

Favourite TV Shows
PowerPuff Girls (original), Pucca, Tom & Jerry (original), Beyblade (with original cast members), Tokyo Mew Mew, Pokemon, Teen Titans (original), The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, etc.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Maroon 5, Paramore, Avril Lavigne
Favourite Books
Divergent Trilogy
Favourite Games
Yandere Simulator, Street Fighter (any), Naruto (any)
Other Interests
Music, Drawing and Writing Fanfics
Hey guys... I know it's been a while since my last posts and journals and honestly I've really been strong on avoiding Eclipse. This is just one of those occasional posts, I'm not coming back anytime soon. I just haven't been that productive latel
The AU!Winx server's somewhat satisfying to me now... So if you want to join, here's the link. Color_Clash Server (The RP one will come around later. Will update this status in a few hours or so, p...
Just another update.  Currently working on creating a few servers over on my Discord just to have them ready by the time I leave dA. Even though I feel like I've kinda already moved on. ^^; I only have 3 in mind so far, so if you wish to join any of ...

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KatyGorlHobbyist General Artist

Not sure if you'll see this since you haven't been online much anymore, but thought I'd share that I currently have a Shadzie-themed contest going on. Here's the journal:

I know you liked them as a ship before so I thought I'd share. I fully understand if you don't feel like or don't have time to enter, though.

I barely go online nowadays, but there's a chance it could change since I recently bought a new laptop. It should be arriving soon enough, so I could be a little bit more active by then. It's something I've thought about for a little while.

I can't promise I'll have an entry done, but if time allows there's a chance I could participate. Those two are a rather cute ship and I wouldn't mind contributing to them again if there's a possibility. :aww:

KatyGorlHobbyist General Artist

I get that. Hopefully everything goes smoothly when it arrives.

That's understandable, but still nice to hear that you would be potentially interested if time allows for you. :aww:

Yeah, I hope so. ^^

I hope time does allow. Your ship's adorable. I have some ideas set in mind, but we'll see.

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KacchakoBoyHobbyist General Artist

Hi. Dunno if you're active here still, but do hope you've been doing well. :pat:

Hey. It's been a while.

Rarely been active around here.

I try to log in at least once a week to see how things are going, but I don't actually do much.

Things have been fine here on my end though. How about you?

KacchakoBoyHobbyist General Artist

It's alright, and no worries.

My life has gotten so much better since July, I overcame all the sh*t that happened to me earlier on and was really bringing me down to depression, even at one point I was suicidal because of a mistake that had happened. But, I've been getting proper help and the past two months (July and August) have honestly been the best I've felt since Februrary, and I'm, very proud of myself overcoming these struggles. Sure, bad things did happen but I see it as "clouds as silver lining" because a lot of good stuff has happened, as me still being in touch with the friends who really do care/appreciate me for who I am and wanting the best for me, and with that I have been stronger than I was. :)