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I loved how this turned out!!!!

Model by: by ~Valentine-FOV-Stock [link]
Room by: by =Falln-Stock [link]
Forest in window by: by ~fallen-again-stock [link]
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I am creating a website . Would you mind if I used your image for part of the header as I think it is wonderful and so appropriate for my site.
So, do you have any backstory for her?
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Your wonderful work has been featured in my latest journal [link] :D
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You're welcome!:D
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not to be mean but the dress is the wrong time period. that house was built in 1901.
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Maybe she is an older spirit that has found her way to this house and she likes it. I have Artistic licence I can create things the way I like. Most people look at this and can not see its a newer house. Its art and its the way I like it and the way I create. If you think its wrong don't look at it.
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i like it but im just saying. the old Hotz house(my sister went there a few Sats. ago and she didn't have a good nights sleep) might have a ghost or two maybe yours i don't know. I very sorry i offended you, i will try not to do it again. it is a very nice. i do like how she actually looks like she is a ghost not some fake thing you see all the time with other pics(im not naming names).
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Very cool. I've experimented with ghosts myself and they are a very fun subject to play with. :)
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