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lollipop chainsaw photoshoot by BriBarnes lollipop chainsaw photoshoot by BriBarnes
chocolate chainsaw cosplay

photographer: Bryan Regan photography
i had so many pictures taken! this might b the last bunch i put on here though hope u like a racebend juliet starling i'm not the 1st 2 do this idea but had 2 do it because i felt id look better in this version than original i wanted 2 cosplay her so bad ^-^ 

original racebend idea by: Myriam Mcfly… amazing cosplayer
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MyriamMcFly Featured By Owner Edited Jun 12, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Please always credit the Artist you got your Inspiration from.
I was happy to see someone else cosplaying my Concept Idea after all these years (saw it on cosplayingwhileblack Tumblr)
But i was a bit dissappointed that you didn't give Credit to where you actually got the Idea from.
It's just something we  Cosplayers do to support each other....
BriBarnes Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2018  Hobbyist
i credited your name on some but not on all the photos i'm so sorry, i did tell people i wasn't originally the person that thought up the idea, one of my pics on here i did credit your name (my BriRB_cosplay photo), after i just through the other photos online but when someone asks me personally i would say you did this first... i love your idea again i'm sorry i didn't mean 2 upset u.. i think u r amazing (i just thought since a lot of people have seen your chocolate chainsaw cosplay photos know you've done it first didnt think since the game is old that 2 many people would c these photos anyways) i will go back and credit u on my photos... i always hoped that u got the chance 2 c 1 of these but again i didnt what 2 upset u
MyriamMcFly Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I would be happy if the credits would be under every photo. I saw them on tumblr , Pinterest and even twitter.... But “at least” on the tumblr posts please . it’s important because many people saw it there on cosplayingwhileblack. Cosplays there spread really fast. No one will ask where you got the idea from because people will just assume that it was your idea. 🙈 but That’s why things like crediting are important 💕 I saw the comment where you told someone it wasn’t your original idea but all I thought was ...”well why not mentioning the person along then too?” That’s what upset me. Not everyone knows my cosplay after 6 years because there will be always new people in the cosplay community. I’m not Jessica Nigri haha. 😆 and if you wanted me to see the Photos, crediting would have led me to them. But i don’t wanna fight at all now i think
I made it clear that crediting is important to cosplayers. 💕 I love the shooting you did of the cosplay! And you really look amazing in it! your Nick looks very handsome too ☺️ (I still hate my old man face Nick XDD)
BriBarnes Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2018  Hobbyist
yours is so amazing (I tried), sorry again.. keep up the good work 
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