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"Do you have any seduction skills? I do." Queen Chrysalis icon (2) 

Um, I'm not sure, if I should put it in the mature category, but I'd better do it - don't want to loose my account. Technically, it's just a horse lying on a bed :D (Big Grin) 

A little overwhelming hairs we've got here :D (Big Grin)  Well... While I was drawing it, I realized that I'm such a sucker for a girls long hair Sweating a little... Wonders, did contemporary psychiatry already named it? Sherlock Holmes  No, wait. At first, it'll be a long conversation why I drew a cartoon magic horse like that :D (Big Grin) 

Another style again :) But this time I really like it! It's like from a comic book. Plus it's easy enough even for me to handle. So, I'm gonna use it more in the future :) 

By the way, I've created my sign :) It's the first time I ever do this, not sure why everybody use it, guess it's about publishing, rights and stuff. But it's fun.

And this drawing is by far my the most... actually, the most everything I ever drew. It took me four days to complete - sooooo loooong! But "practice makes perfect" - I told myself again and again and again... Hope someday this gonna work! Sweating a little... 

Thank you for the reading! :)

Queen Chrysalis and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belong to Hasbro.
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Yet again, you have drawn our dear queen in SUCH a beautiful manner :D You have once again drawn each and every one of her features so marvelously :meow: Her mane looks SO lush and soft here; her eyes truly capture the essence of a tempting creature; and I love the way she's grinning like that, sporting all those pearly-white teeth ^^

She is indeed a temptress, such a claim I can make based on personal experiences >w<