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Another hometown C2E2 came and went and once again, it was a smashing success.  I have a great time with this convention every year.  Mostly because its in my hometown so I get to see a lot of local friends who come and support my work, but also because I seem to meet new artists with the same passion towards the medium.  I was able to do a lot of pre show commissions which ALWAYS helps to cover the convention costs.  
Table set up for C2E2 2016 by BrianVander
Thank you pre show commission peeps:
Robert - East of West
Justin - Deadpool
Anthony - Wonder Woman
David - Mr. Monster
Mr. Monster C2E2 Commission by BrianVander
Jay - Domino
Patrick - Iron Man/Question
Andrew - Hawkgirl
Hawkgirl C2E2 Commission by BrianVander

and I'd like to thank the following in show commissions as well:
Stanley Roland/Dark Tower
Joe - Avengers Sketch Cover
Kyle - Chewbacca Sketch Cover
BJ - Emma-Jean Grey
Mauricio - Batman Sketch Cover
Rigo - Bathman Sketch book
Batman C2E2 2016 Show Commission by BrianVander
Connor - Spider-Man
Chris - Spider-Man jam
Jamie - TMNT Sketch Cover
Bill - Silver Saber Sketch Cover
Bobby - Domino Jam
Antonio - Spider Gwen

Thank you all so very much
Till next year
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March 22, 2016


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