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Hi everyone 

I am opening up the pre show commission list for Indy Con (April 29-May1).  

Pre Show commissions are a better quality commission than the in show commission because there is more time to spend on the artwork.  I put a lot of effort in the commissions during the show, but its impossible to match the quality of the pre show commissions.  

I require a PAYPAL payment upfront to reserve the spot: 1/2 of the total, and then settling the balance upon pick up at the convention.
I don't do smut or adult commissions - kid friendly, regular old Comic Book art is my style!  

EMAIL ME at or message me here

Commission Type 1 - HEAD and TORSO (BUST) on 11x14 art board (w. some background)
1a) $65 PENCIL or INK
1b) $100 COPIC Grey Tone Copic Colors

Commission Type 2 - FULL BODY on 11x17 art board (w. some background)
2a) $100 PENCIL or INK
2b) $150 COPIC Grey Tone Copic Colors

Sketch Covers
Commission Type 3 - Ink and Copic Grey Tone Copic Colors
3a) $60 Front Page  Head or Bust
3b) $125 Double Page Full character w background

Personal Sketch Books
Commission Type 4
4a) $50 Head and Torso (BUST) in pencil or ink
4b) $80 Head and Torso (BUST) with Grey Tone Copic Colors


2b) $150
Mr. Monster C2E2 Commission by BrianVander

Hawkgirl C2E2 Commission by BrianVander

3b) $125
Spider-Man Sketch Cover by BrianVander
Another hometown C2E2 came and went and once again, it was a smashing success.  I have a great time with this convention every year.  Mostly because its in my hometown so I get to see a lot of local friends who come and support my work, but also because I seem to meet new artists with the same passion towards the medium.  I was able to do a lot of pre show commissions which ALWAYS helps to cover the convention costs.  
Table set up for C2E2 2016 by BrianVander
Thank you pre show commission peeps:
Robert - East of West
Justin - Deadpool
Anthony - Wonder Woman
David - Mr. Monster
Mr. Monster C2E2 Commission by BrianVander
Jay - Domino
Patrick - Iron Man/Question
Andrew - Hawkgirl
Hawkgirl C2E2 Commission by BrianVander

and I'd like to thank the following in show commissions as well:
Stanley Roland/Dark Tower
Joe - Avengers Sketch Cover
Kyle - Chewbacca Sketch Cover
BJ - Emma-Jean Grey
Mauricio - Batman Sketch Cover
Rigo - Bathman Sketch book
Batman C2E2 2016 Show Commission by BrianVander
Connor - Spider-Man
Chris - Spider-Man jam
Jamie - TMNT Sketch Cover
Bill - Silver Saber Sketch Cover
Bobby - Domino Jam
Antonio - Spider Gwen

Thank you all so very much
Till next year
I am opening C2E2 Pre Show commissions.  If you have interest, simply let me know. 

11x17 comic board rates:
Commission Type 1 - HEAD and TORSO (BUST)
1a) $65 PENCIL or INK 
1b) $100 COPIC Grey Tone Color 

Commission Type 2 - FULL BODY
2a) $100 PENCIL or INK 
2b) $150 COPIC Grey Tone Color 

Sketch Covers
Commission Type 3 - Ink and Copic Grey Tone Colors
3a) $60 Front Page  Head or Bust 
3b) $125 Double Page Full character w background

I require PAYPAL payment upfront for half of the cost and upon pick up at the convention, the remaining balance to be paid. 
Keep the commissions clean please, no smut as I will decline those. 

My favorite Comic Con of the year came and went and as expected, it was a great time.  The show gets bigger and bigger each year, and while that may be a hindrance at some point, artist alley seems to be able to overcome the crowds.  I once again met a handful of artists that I admire during the 4 day convention.  I managed to update my DC Jam piece with more artists.  Only three spots left to fill out. 

NYCC 2015 JAM PIECE UPDATE by BrianVander

The four days kept me busy with commissions.  Illyana/Magik was a popular request. 
NYCC 2015 Wrap Up 3 by BrianVanderNYCC 2015 Wrap Up 2 by BrianVanderNYCC 2015 Wrap Up 1 by BrianVander
I am taking NYCC pre show commissions - I have a few slots left.  
Must be able to pick up the art at the show.
Require 1/2 payment upfront - pay the balance upon pick up.
See below for pricing and examples

Hope to see some of you there.  Even if you don't care to buy my art, swing by and say hi and introduce yourself!  

NYCC 2015 Pre Show Commissions by BrianVander
Ok, so the website for the FREE World of Grey Web Comic is out there.  Did I say a FREE comic?  Yes I did, so go have a read and let me know what you think.  Good and bad. 

If you have NO idea what World of Grey is, here is a primer:
Waking in a world far advanced than the one he remembers and bound with a highly advanced exoskin of unknown origins and seemingly unlimited potential, Jonathan Grey learns that fifty two years of his life has been someone else.  In his quest for the truth, Jonathan crosses paths with the likes of Kate Ambers, August Stowe and the "Gentleman".  Who are these players?  Can they be trusted and what role do they serve in the Jonathan's quest?  Find out in The World of Grey.

WOG title B2 by BrianVander
Hi everyone -
We have a winner.... well, actually we have WinnerS!!!
First off, I'd like to extend my appreciation for those that took the time to participate in the contest.  I knew that a) I wouldn't have the time to pull a logo off and b) I wouldn't come close to doing as good a job as some of you out there!  So once again, thank you all so very much.

The winner of the Title/Logo for the World of Grey comic is Gavin Mitchelli: :icongavinmichelli:

Gavin incorporated the glowing portion of Jonathan's helmet into the design as well as some tech background.  The gritty yet bold lettering also made an impression.  Love it

WorldOfGreyLogoProof by BrianVander

We also chose the awesome work of Christian Salazar: :iconkristherion:
Christian submitted multiple awesome designs, and Bobby and I loved the variety and thought they would fit as an alternative cover title and website logo.  Check out some below.

WOG title B2 by BrianVander
WOG title A by BrianVander
WOG title F1 by BrianVander
Thank you so much Gavin and Christian and congratulations to you both. 

I would also like to thank everyone else who submitted some great designs in their own right:

Fellow awesome Deviant Art artists Jeff Graham: :iconjeffgraham-art:
World of Grey logo VER2 copy by BrianVander

My buddy Daniel Whatley

DanielWhatleyWOGLogoEntry by BrianVander
Roman Almaguer and AJ Reimer, who for some reason I cannot copy the image. 

Thanks again everybody
Hi everyone, I am happy to announce that we are FINALLY getting World of Grey out there for you to see.  Until a dedicated website is completed, you can catch all of the heart pounding, suspense, mystery, plot twists and non stop action here on Deviant Art.  Head on over to my World of Grey Folder in my Gallery:…

I will continue to post pages so you can read the story!  Feel free to comment, good or bad!  Constructive criticism is important for any creator so fire away.  Or if you really like it and think its the best thing you've ever read, a nice note saying as much is a good thing as well!  Either way,thank you for taking the time to follow my work, but pin ups, commissions and my World of Grey passion project. 

To give you a brief pitch on the World of Grey
Jonathan Grey with Background by BrianVander(Grey)
Jonathan Grey (Grey) - The titular Character in the book.  Grey starts the story of completely unaware of what is going on, so you as a reader can relate with him, you learn together as the story unfolds.  Grey finds that he suited with a High Tech A.I. with untapped potential.  Who this A.I. is, how and why this has happened is unbeknownst to Grey.  The world he wakes up in is far more advanced than the one he remembers.  At one point, Grey finds out that his life has already been lived.....BY SOMEONE ELSE.  The ripple effects of this are THE reason the world is what it is.  Along the way, Grey meets various characters such as Kate Ambers, who has her own motives, as he searches for the truth. 
Kate Ambers Copic Art by BrianVander(Kate)
So come along for the ride, share in our story

Take care
An update:

I am going to put a deadline of Friday April 3rd. 
Submit your design to me via:

Here is a quick mock of a title design that I did. 
BUT PLEASE, use it for whatever you'd like.  Alter it, improve it, completely CHANGE it, put your own passion and vision into it!.  I just wanted to simply provide a simplistic vision for reference. 

To recap the contest:
The title is World of Grey.  

Please understand, this is a gentleman's agreement.  I'm not going to get a legal contract and I am not going to cheat anyone out of any design.  I see no value in that as it does nothing for me in the long run to burn bridges.  If someones design is chosen, I'll be more than happy to reward them. 

What I am offering to the design winner is
their name in the book credits. 
A $25 payment and
an original 11x17 One character copic color commission of their choice.
Displaying WOG.jpg
Hi everyone - Chicago's big Comic Convention, C2E2 is a month away - April 24-26 adn I will once again have a table in Artist Alley (S12)

Displaying C2E2-Logo-Square-Low-Res.jpg

I am offering Pre Show commissions.  If you would like to get one, here is the information:

11x14 comic board rates:
Commission Type 1 - HEAD and TORSO (BUST)
1a) $50 PENCIL or INK (add $25 per extra character) 
1b) $75 COPIC COLOR (add $40 per extra character)

Commission Type 2 - FULL BODY
2a) $85 PENCIL or INK (add $40 per extra character) 
2b) $110 COPIC COLOR (add $55 per extra character) 

11x17 comic board rates:
Commission Type 3 - HEAD and TORSO (BUST)
3a) $65 PENCIL or INK add $40 per extra character
3b) $90 COPIC COLOR add $55 per extra character

Commission Type 4 - FULL BODY
4a) $100 PENCIL or INK add $55 per extra character
4b) $125 COPIC COLOR add $70 per extra character

BUST Example

Full Body Example

I would require half of the payment upfront (via paypal) and then the remaining half upon pick up at the Convention. 

Everyone who does a pre show commission gets to pick up one of my prints at the Convention for free as well. 

Thanks again
To elaborate on yesterdays post, here is some more insight and what I've been passing along to those that have inquired

What I am trying to do is to get someone who can come up with a style for the book that fits the story, characters and POPS off the page.  A distinct visual title that people can immediately recognize when the book is on a shelf.

My vision for what I was going for was something that was similar to the 'armor/suit' that my character Jonathan wears.  If you've seen my posts on DevArt, Twitter, instagram, etc you'll be familiar with the 'nano tech/symbiote' type suit that Jonathan wears.  The nano tech is always moving on Jonathans body, and it can expand/retract, so I was thinking the title should reflect that.  I was going to make one that is not flat, but has depth to it, with different levels of the nano tech making each letter, and each letter being inconsistent in its design.  Meaning its not a Complete A B C... they letters have flaws.  Not sure if you understand what I'm getting at but........that is my vision, and I wanted to get other visions from various artists.  So if you're up to it, I'd love to get your interpretation. 

The title is World of Grey.  

Please understand, this is a gentleman's agreement.  I'm not going to get a legal contract and I am not going to cheat anyone out of any design.  I see no value in that as it does nothing for me in the long run to burn bridges.  If someones design is chosen, I'll be more than happy to reward them. 

What I am offering to the design winner is their name in the book credits.  A $25 payment and an original 11x17 One character copic color commission of their choice.

I am going to draw up my vision (above) and post eventually, and then wait for others to submit their design(s  there is no limit).  If I like one, I'll award the artist. If I don't find one that fits, then I'll keep looking or redesigning till I do.  Pretty simple.

That said, have at it!
Hi DevArt Crowd.  I am in need of someone who is talented with Logo designs.  My comic book, World of Grey, needs a great TITLE Design.  If anyone out there has the gusto, contact me @ to discuss further.

The winning/chosen Logo will receive full credit, $ and an original art commission from me. 

Appreciate any help here, and please pass this info along to anyone you think fits the bill

This past weekend I attended the Indiana Comic Con in 2015.  This was the 2nd year of the con, and I have to say it is a wonderfully run convention.  The floor space doubled due to the demand.  The city embraced the con as their very own and it was publicized on billboards, all over the news, in the papers, etc.  Everywhere you looked you saw advertising.  They city really took it and ran with it, and it was fantastic.  

Over the weekend, I was fortunate enough to have a LOT of return customers from 2014.  These supporters once again purchased original art, and lined up for commissions.  One of my return customers had me do SIX! Pre Show commissions of various Spider Men (Cosmic, Ben Reilly, Iron, etc)!!!  I also have a few take home commissions from new customers that I am excited to get working on.  Keep an eye out for the Shazam commission in the next few weeks.  

Here are a few photos to summarize the convention:
Indiana Comic Con 2015 in Pictures part 1 by BrianVander

Yes, thats JAE LEE of Batman Superman and DC Covers Fame (recent) as well as X-Force, X-Men back in the 90s.  I had him start off my Convention Jam Piece with a brilliant BATMAN front and center.  Jae was very supportive of my WORLD OF GREY book that I am working on.  A very humble and polite comic superstar for sure.  Thanks Jae

Indiana Comic Con 2015 in Pictures part 3 by BrianVander
Here are some of the Spiderman Commissions I did as well as some of the supporters and the TURTLES were in the house

Indiana Comic Con 2015 in Pictures part 2 by BrianVander

More commissions.  I'll be posting ALL of them very shortly.  

Next up is my hometown convention C2E2 in Chicago, April 24-26.  I'll be opening commissions shortly but I have to finish some post Indy Commissions as well as finalize 2 pages of WORLD OF GREY.  

thanks again to all of you who continue to support my work.  I know WOG has been a long time in the making, and I appreciate the support and patience.  It will be out there VERY SOON.  

Chat soon.
A week ago today I was knee deep in commissions and doing the meet n greet with the NYC Crowd.  For those of you who have never been to the NYCC, I'll say, it's electric.  Regardless of what you think of the city, it's undeniable that the city in general is a lightning rod for energy.  It's non stop, and it flows into the Javits Center and into the Con.  Here is what the Artist Alley looks like @ NYCC
Artist Alley NYCC 2014 by BrianVander

This is myself and my booth mate Marc Laming.  Marc is working for Marvel at the moment on Hulk, FF and Defenders.  He has also worked for Boom, Dynamite and DC.  Great guy, check him out on Instagram (MonkeyMarc), Twitter (monkey_Marc).

NYCC2014 Marc Laming (black) and myself (red) by BrianVander

I met a lot of people as well as other artists that I admire.  Got to know the crew at the 11 O'Clock Comic podcasts.  Check them out online and give them a listen.  Great group of guys who are passionate about their comics as well as very comical.  Got a few commissions, picked up a few original art pieces, some old comics, books for the kids.  It was a great time. 

Also got to spread the word about World of Grey. 

Below are a few of the commissions I did at the con

Hulk Sketch Cover by BrianVander

NYCC2014 catwoman commission by BrianVander

NYCC 2014 Blade by BrianVander

And that wraps up the 2014 Con season.  Next year I'm planning on attending Indiana Comic Con in March, C2E2 in April, NYCC in October and I am trying to get to Heroes Con in June as well as a few others.  And by this time next year, unless I'm drawing X-Men for Marvel, I plan on having World of Grey wrapped up and out there for everyone to read.  It is a very important story for me that I want to get out, and I am using it as my open resume.  So with that said, goodbye 2014 Con Season, it's been Fun
Indiana Comic Con - AWESOME
Wizard World Chicago - Horrible
Pre Show commissions for NYCC are open.  If you would like one, please contact me via DevArt messaging or via email:

Hi everyone - it's been a few months since my last update so lets get caught up. 

Wizard World Chicago Con is less than a month away taking place Aug 21-24 at the Donald E. Stephans Convention Center in Rosemont.  I will once again have a table in artist alley where I will be selling Original Art, prints and taking Commissions.  Speaking of commissions, the more shows I do, the more I fine tune my art at the cons.  I've started to tone down the amount of in show commission as I found myself heading home/hotel room and staying up until the early hours of the morning trying to finish the artwork for people.  That makes for an exhausting experience and it also takes away from the time I get to spend meeting new fans, promoting "World of Grey", etc.  What I have started to do is to limit the amount of commissions I will take per day, as well as limit the scope of these commissions. 

With that said, I have also turned around and started accepting more 'at home' commissions leading up to the shows.  Giving people a chance to get the higher quality, larger commissions and then picking them up at the con.  Which leads me to the reason for this email.  I am opening up the Pre Show Commission List for anyone that will be at Wizard World Chicago. 

For Wizard World Chicago I am offering the following PRE SHOW COMMISSIONS:

All Pre Show Commissions will receive a free print of the "World of Grey"

11x14 comic board rates:
Commission Type 1 - HEAD and TORSO (BUST)
1a) $40 PENCIL (add $20 per extra character) 
1b) $50 INKED (add $25 per extra character) 
1c) $75 COPIC COLOR (add $40 per extra character) 

Commission Type 2 - FULL BODY
2a) $75 PENCIL (add $30 per extra character)
2b) $85 INKED (add $40 per extra character) 
2c) $110 COPIC COLOR (add $55 per extra character) 

11x17 comic board rates:
Commission Type 3 - HEAD and TORSO (BUST)
3a) $55 PENCIL add $30 per extra character
3b) $65 INKED add $40 per extra character
3c) $90 COPIC COLOR add $55 per extra character

Commission Type 4 - FULL BODY
4a) $90 PENCIL add $45 per extra Character
4b) $100 INKED add $55 per extra character
4c) $125 COPIC COLOR add $70 per extra character

If you are interested in one of these please email me @ - (Or note me here on Dev Art)
I am opening up 8 Pre Show Commissions and will take a 1st come 1st serve basis. 
**I require that payment is made upfront to secure your commission spot (via paypal, or credit card)

Thanks again,
C2E2 was a great show.  I had to miss the 2013 show due to scheduling conflicts so I was extremely excited to be a part of my hometown Comic Con.  Also, for the first time in ages, I didn't have other work schedules conflicting with any of the days, so I was at the show the whole time.  

It was a great mix where many of my old supporters came by to say hello, purchase some prints, and get some more commissions.  It is very humbling to have the continued support of so many people.  Repeat customers are my favorite, because it tells me that I am doing something right and that people are really excited about what I am offering.  That said, its also great to meet more and more new supporters.  I was able to do a lot of commissions for some new fans, who challenged me to draw some characters I had never drawn before.  

I would like to thank each and every one of you who commissioned me for some artwork:
Pre Show Commissions!
Josh, with 2 Pre Show Commissions!!!
Batman C2E2 Commission by BrianVander Superman Doomsday C2E2 Commission by BrianVander

And Josh's friend Joe with a Scarlet Witch:
Scarlet Witch Pre Show Commission C2E2 2014 by BrianVander

Fellow Artist Tony Kordos :icontonykordos: with a Phoenix Commission

Phoenix Pre Show Commission C2E2 (2) 2014 by BrianVander

And Jeff for his commission of Dejah Thoris. :iconjeffnls: 
Thanks for the pre orders everyone

Con Commissions
Aran: my first commission of the day Friday: A Wolverine Sketch Cover
Wolverine Commission C2E2 by BrianVander

Neal: my 2nd commission on Friday was of the lovely Wonder Woman!
Wonder Woman C2E2  commission by BrianVander

Brad: Brad was a friend of some old supporters who I've done commissions for in the past.  Thanks for the referral.  I did A Rogue sketchbook commission

Andrew: I did a Winter Soldier version of Captain America

Jeremiah: Another faithful repeat supporter.  I did a Batman head sketch for his Daughter Aayna.  

Grant: A Poison Ivy Sketchbook commission

Joe: Joe is another supporter from the past who asked me to do TWO!!! Walking Dead Sketch Covers.  1 with Negan and the other with Rick.  He asked to show them squaring off!  
Walking Dead C2E2 commission by BrianVander

Ken: Ken had a sketchbook that contained nothing but Green Lanterns in it.  I was commissioned to do a female Green Lantern!

Glenn: an EDI from Mass Effect Commission.  I love doing metalic effects with the markers
EDI Mass Effect C2E2 commission by BrianVander

Mark - Had the awesome and SURPRISING honor of doing a Star Wars Cad Bane commission for Mark.  He only wanted the line work.  I didn't know until I was done that he was having the very talented Laura Martin Color it!!!  She knocked it out.  
Cad Bane C2E2 commission by BrianVander

Dave: A classic Angel (wings) with the modern look (hair/outfit).  I was rather pleased with this one, especially the wings. 
Angel C2E2 Commission by BrianVander

Rob: Rob had a cool sketchbook that had heroes on the top of the page, and underneath them, their evil rivals.  I was tasked with Captain American and Red Skull.  That was cool!

Some of the pictures I took with my phone didnt turn out well at all, which is why they are not posted here.  That said, thank you EVERYONE for the support with the commissions!  As well as those of you who purchased the prints.  And even if you didn't buy anything, and you were able to swing by and introduce yourself and say Hi, thank you for taking the time to do that!  Every little bit helps.

Finally, a lot of you asked about World of Grey!  And I am glad to announce, that tonight April 29th, I am laying down the thumbnails for the first issue.  We are moving forward everyone!  This will be released via a free web comic, and I might even do it similar to the way Travis Charest does his SpaceGirl web comic (…)  Releasing it panel by panel so there isn't as much wait time, and it's easy to catch up.  

I am trying to gather interest in the book.  More to come on this in the near future

Once again, thank you all for the support!  

I will have a artist alley table at C2E2 on April 25-27.  My table location is B6.  I will be promoting my creator owned Comic Book "World of Grey" as well as selling Original Art, various prints, and taking commissions all 3 days.  Feel free to stop by and say hello!

I will be posting updates throughout the con on
Instagram: brianvander
Tumblr: brianvander
Twitter: vander11chi

The available spots are full so I am closing pre show commissions at this time.  If I am able to complete these commissions early and have time for another batch I will post another journal stating so. 

Thanks everyone for the interest and support

Next month is the highly anticipated Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, or C2E2 held at the McCormick Convention Center in downtown Chicago April 25-27.  I will have an artist table where I will be selling various Prints, doing commissions and spreading the word about World of Grey.  
If anyone here is attending, please swing by and say hello.  

Also, I am opening up a Pre Show Commission list where C2E2 attendants can pick up the commission in person at the show.  If you have interest in a Pre Show Commission, please email me @ or NOTE me on DevArt

All commissions will be 1 character on 11x14 bristol board and finished with Copic Marker and ink.
Price for these commissions are $50 for Half Character and  $75 for Full Character 
Examples of such commissions can be seen below:

$50 Half Character

$75 Full Character

I am going to open up 5 slots for these commissions on a first come 1st serve basis and time permitting, open up a 2nd batch. 

Half of the payment would need to be paid upfront (paypal, quickpay, check) and the remainder upon pickup at C2E2.