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WTB Nissan Skyline Round 2

Our Skyline for the second round of World Team Battle.

Team Hungary 7, with rookiejeno: [link] [link]

My Facebook page: [link]

Original: [link]
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Hello! I've made a video with your picture (animated). You can see it here:
Thanks for your permission!!
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This is absolutely stunning...I'm left speechless. Amazing work!!
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Wow it looks like Need for speed mixed in the apocalypse that was directed Michael Bay. Fantastic work BTW
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Wow! Looks great! Nice work and dynamic! :)
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Not a fan of the GT-R, but I sometimes come across a good-looking GT-R pic like this one. I definitely like the wing and angle, not to mention all that action going on.


Not a bad car to outrun the Apocalypse in, but what about in the hands of Gabriel Cortez from "The Last Stand"?:

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Outrunning the apocalypse!
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Just Badass man!
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Now this is futuristic haven right all time greatest ride from a normal car.....Skyline GT-R.....totally bad arse.....hella job to whom put it all together....:salute:. Pretty dayum awe-some-sauce....:love: everything that is going on in it....which is alot in one scene....:wow:. :faint:
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It is so badass it made Chuck Norris Squee
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That picture is so unstoppably badass it makes my eyes water with awesome when looking at it.
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very very very very nice
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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG! Now you just need some zombies. regardless, i had to change my underwear :boogie: :addtodesktop:
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i love the chaos in the background
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