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January 19, 2012
Neuton Font Family by =brianskywalker
A wonderful typeface, coming in a variety of weights and styles, even with an additional cursive font, taking its italic relative to the next step.

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Neuton Font Family

My little project. More variants coming soon!
Thank *MSDesigns for the excellent promo image here! :)

Neuton is licensed under SIL OFL and is free for commercial use. However, donation is highly appreciated - you can donate on dafont or here on dA.

Let me know if you use it!

In the zip:
NeutonAlt-Italic.ttf (This is the old version of Neuton's italic.)
src/ (Where .sfd source files and .otf versions are.)

Basic Font Information

Neuton is a clean, dark, somewhat Dutch-inspired serif font which reminds you a little of Times. It has a large height, short extenders, and a compact width for better screen use, and economy of space.

The family will comprise a regular, italic, and cursive, each in five weights and with smallcaps. Two italics — one called "italic", and the other "cursive" — are uncommon, but very useful. Ever tried emphasizing something already emphasized? Beyond that obvious example, there are other uses.

Sometimes a text needs a different flavor or feel. While one roman can work for a variety of texts, the companion italics don't always. In more classical or personal documents, a stiff, sober, modern and down-to-earth italic will never work. And in many essays, some of the fancier italics look ridiculous. Who said a roman needs only one companion?

Neuton is in continuing development and will come to have:
* 5 weights, from Extralight to Extrabold
* Italic and Smallcaps versions
* A cursive variant
* Extended width versions

More previews:

A DD! Thanks everyone! Such a pleasant surprise. :D
© 2012 - 2021 brianskywalker
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hittatandblekning's avatar
The details,the description is so well detailed.Thanks for sharing it to us.
jax-graphix-ax's avatar
Your beautiful font is now a part of my new business cards! I certainly love it and will shoot a donation your way as soon as I can afford it. :)…
Lyzaid's avatar
Bit late to comment but I use Neuton as Go-To-Font on my Kindle (my old one and my new Paperweight as well). Took initially a bit of time to get it to work but it is really worth it. The font works so great on an E-Reader, much better then the pre-installed fonts.
Thanks for these great work!
Osa-Art-Farm's avatar
Excellent description of the font package.
noxpennatus's avatar
I think I'm in love. Thank you so much!
Alexandrae's avatar
Great fonts collection. Awesome and elegant! :D
TehMaster001's avatar
Really nice font.
rafa6222's avatar
I rarely see people in DeviantArt do the same typeface design discipline like you do. Hope you get to release a few more of these...
Thankyou for these, you're very kind - i will let you know if i use them in any nice ways :)
nymphont's avatar
brianskywalker's avatar
Thanks! It means a lot coming from a fellow creative. :D
nymphont's avatar
You are most welcome, it is a great typeface. :D
yaelkmiller's avatar
Very nice indeed. Good work! :-)
brianskywalker's avatar
danemorgan's avatar
Very, very nice! I like it!
brianskywalker's avatar
Thank very very much! :)
ashyda's avatar
Very nice work. Thanks a lot!
cucomaluco's avatar
beautiful type family!
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