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I'll be at DragonCon today and this weekend if you are in the Atlanta area. I'll also be at Baltimore Comic Con next weekend.
Check out the first issue to my series "Unity" right here on deviant art!…
Hey everyone I just started up a Facebook page for my art.  I'll try to post pretty regular with new art and some tutorial stuff maybe.  Follow me if you can.  thanks!
Come see me at #C2E2 at Artist Alley table H6 on April 25-27. For more info & to buy your tickets visit
If you read comics, then you need to buy this book.  It goes toe to toe with all the best books out there by any publisher.  I kid you not.
I will be attending the New York Comic Con this year.  I will be in and out of the Valiant Comics booth.  I might also be doing some digital coloring live at the booth.  
Hey everyone I did an interview with Steve Morris over at  Check it out.

Thanks for the Daily Deviation nod!  Always a pleasant surprise to see that many messages and it's not just one person going through adding my whole gallery.  :) Not that there is anything wrong with that.
I'll be at Heroes this weekend.  I'm not at a table this year, but you can find me at the Valiant Comics booth 1220.  I'm also involved in a colorists panel on Saturday.  Come on out!
I'll be signing at Dr. No's Comics in Marietta, GA this Saturday from 12-2pm.  If you are from the area be sure to stop by.
Hey everyone I'll be signing along with Robert Venditti on Wed 2/20 from 11-2p at Titan Comics in Duluth, Ga.  Come on out if you are in the area.  X-O Manowar 10 hits that day, but I'll be signing anything with my name on it.
X-O Manowar #9 from Valiant Comics is out today.  It's the prelude for Planet Death the first event of the new Valiant.  It's Trevor Hairsine and me on art.  If you like kickass comics you should be reading everything Valiant publishes starting with X-O.  Even if I wasn't working on them they'd probably be the only thing I would be reading right now.

Harbinger #8 is out today also and I did a couple covers for it as well.
If you go to Comixology right now on your mobile device or desktop you can download all the Valiant #1s for the new relaunches and classics.  My series "Shadowman" is included in this, but I recommend trying all of them.  No reason not to try some great comics from a great publisher.
The latest issue of Shadowman is out on stands this week.  Please grab a copy from your local comic shop or online.  Don't trade wait!  Every issue counts.
So I finally signed up to twitter.  @ReberVision if you want to follow me.
Shadowman #1 from Valiant comics hits stands and digital stores this Wednesday.  This is not a kids book!  With that said I hope folks still rush out and grab a couple copies!  This isn't Marvel or DC so every sell counts.  I think we put together a quality book that reads better than most of the stuff on stands today.  Course I might just be biased, but the advanced reviews are saying the same!  :)

For a preview:…

Advanced reviews:…………
Good news!  (Well for me anyway.)  I've started working with Valiant Entertainment on several things.  I'm going to have a ton of covers coming out which I'm really excited about.  I've been able to color some really cool artists I haven't been able to color before.  One of which is a comics legend.  

I'm still working for Marvel, DC, and TopCow also.  I'm working on 2 series for DC now.  Batwing and Beowulf (which is the backup story to "Sword and Sorcery").  I've got some really cool covers coming from Marvel later this year but I can't say anything else about them.  Later this year Think Tank from TopCow will be out and I did all the covers for that series as well.  Pretty fun stuff for me and it's keeping me super busy.  I'll start posting up some new art when I get the chance.
I'll be at Heroes in Charlotte, NC this weekend.  I believe I'm in Artist Alley at table AA-841.  Come by and see me.  Buy stuff, get stuff signed, get stuff colored.  None of it has to be my stuff, but it would be nice. :)  I'll have my markers with me so if you have some head sketches or commissions you've always wanted to have colored bring em on by.
Come see me at the Heroes Comic Con in Charlotte.  It's next month June 22-24th.  I'll have my markers with me to color sketches and commissions being made at the show.  I may even dust off my pencils and erasers to do some sketching as well.…

Also, thank you to everyone swinging by today to browse my gallery.  I'm happy to be given a "daily deviation".  Hopefully you will all keep checking back in as I still have a ton of art to make.

Batwing #5 is out on stands and online today.  It marks the first issue that my name appears on the cover of a DC book!  This is the first time I've done finishes over someones pencils along with doing the colors.  It's like I'm 2/3 of the art team.  Please go pick it up!