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Thor Invasion

The cover to "Secret Invasion: Thor" #3 from Marvel comics. Dougie Braithwaite did the linework and I did the colors. It's always nice to pair up with Dougie on stuff and this is our first Marvel collaboration. Thor and Beta Ray Bill laying the smack down.
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Major epicness right here.
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rise of the thunderers
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Thunder brothers in arms

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I won't hold my breath, but I would love to see Bill make his way into a future live acted Thor movie. They have touched on the idea of Thor being the only one able to lift the hammer already, but have not really delved into just what makes him worthy of holding it-and whether there could be others worthy of it as well. And Bill could stand in stark contrast to Loki; while Loki resents his nature an adopted son of Asgard, Bill embraces it and takes comfort in the acceptance and comraderie he finds there-and since Thor has been portrayed as being hurt by the falling out with Loki, he would welcome having an adopted brother who his equal in both strength and selflesness.
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One of my favorite comic book artworks!

It's always GREAT to see Beta Ray Bill. :)
Thanks for posting it!
My two favorite Marvel heroes. Awesome!
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If one Thunderer is not enough...
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You don't see enough of Beta Ray Bill
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Excellent idea you two had here! Plus a great execution on the coloring!
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Awesome job on this!
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Execellent job!!!!!
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*Adds Rock soundtrack!*

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Would not like to be under the wrath of those hammers. Especially Mjollnir
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Stormbringer is powerful as Mjollnir!
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This is an awesome picture: two of my favorite Marvel characters from the same universe in one place! :D

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Man, what a team...even if they get Bill's hammer and make him revert, he'll still own them(one of the few characters in comics that can kick ass just as much in either form(that has super powers and switches from back and forth)). Wonder what(if?) the Skulls have any plan for this?

Bet, not.
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really great colors ! ;)
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Intense. Love the detail to the armour- the shine you put on Thor's chainmail sleeves looks wicked cool, as does... well, pretty much everything.
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