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Thor 67 cover

Cover to Thor 67. Ben Lai on pencils, Ray Lai on inks, and colors by me.
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I have to admit. I haven't read the new Thor series at all - more worrying is the fact that I've looked at all the covers you've posted of it so far - and to be honest, I don't like this new look Thor at ALL. I know they're not your pencils, but well, surely you can get a word in somewhere, somehow.

If this is what the new Thor looks like, then ... ungh.

Don't like him.
marianne101's avatar
You've done a fantastic job:D I love everything about this!
Aurora-Storm's avatar
Pretty fancy with his sparkly lightning, isn't he? ;)

The metalic shine on this is done exquistly, as are the inky shadows and finite shading.

.. did Ray Lai do the shadows? I'm always confused as to if the colourist deals with that.
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Really love the colour holds Brian. Would it be too much to ask what the theory behind them is? Sorta like colour theory? I've also been trying to create holds, but I'm working in channels and my RGB channel just won't hold...