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Thor 61 cover

This is my first official cover for Marvel comics. It was for Thor 61. Ben and Ray Lai on pencils and inks.
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This is some Magnificent work you got there.
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:icondererplz: I'm pregnant for Thor!
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You draw the comic cover!?! I can't belive it! I love the Thor comics! My brother told me they're making a live action movie. I can't wait! Favs!
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eheh... looks like Thor is going to kick some butt... AND THAT WILL BE PAINFUL!!!
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that is really awesome. i love it
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WOW you did this!!???????
When I recently have read all the issues, I exactly remember saying, `wow what a cover`!!!!

Now I found the artist?!?! cOOl :D :D
:) :D :) Unbelievably perfect....
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Wow great job dude the expression and the colouring kick ass =) :+fav:
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amazing color. looks so good.
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Holy crap that's amazing! *wets pants in awe*
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its pretty sweet .. =P
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there seems to be something funny going on with that back arm of seems to really flatten out the image. I don't think it's the color job though. Maybe it's the perspective of the shot. Everything seems to be coming at or away from the camera, but then that arm just ends up on one plain. I know it sounds like I'm being picky and you weren't even the penciler, so I guess it was pointless to mention it. Remarkable color job though.
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Correction: Eastern! Easter! Not "Easter." Sheesh. :lick:
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wow! lovely artwork! THe coloring is superb!!
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Big Thor fan here. Interesting Easter take on the character. Beautiful, just beautiful. :)
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awesome coloring ^^
how much time have you've been working for marvel??O_o?
you have to do a tut XD
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I've been doing work for Marvel for about 3 years now.
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Excellent job as usual, but I wonder why most of the pics of Thor I see on DA just have him standing or floating while charging-up. I'd think that more people would draw him kicking someones ass or somehting. Anyway, this is still a great pic and definately good enough to be added to my favorites. Great work.
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