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Captain America The Chosen

Here's a preview at my upcoming Captain America project through Marvel comics. It's called "Captain America: The Chosen" and it's a stand alone 6 issue series. Mitchell Breitweiser did the lines and I did the colors.
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Nailed the colors is more like it! The blue and black through his chest is excelent. 
Great work. 
This is incredible. Beautifull piece.
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Such Iconic symbol.
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Fucking hell this is dead honest beautiful
The super-soldier being a soldier.
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such a heart warming pic, i love captain america!
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it is absolutly fantastic.........i whould do anithing to achive the skill's to draw like that.....superb
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cool picture..
i love Captain America
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It'' beautiful!
I just read this story last night!
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As someone who thinks that Captain America is one of the best heroes of all time, I just wanted to thank you for takin the time to make this. It's not only well draw, but I personally find it inspirational as well. Again, thank you :)
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i should mention this is probly my fav page of that whole book. and the whole book is amazing! ;}
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and 3 years later i tell you
great job...i love that series i have all 6 and it got me right from the bigining its a very human yet powerful tale
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Hi, I would like to inform you that I've featured your work in my blog post on "Showcase of 30 Breathtaking Superhero Fan Art. ([link]).

Very nice work you have here. Well done!
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Wow! Looks really professional, like a John Cassady drawging
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open to interpretation anyone? ^_^

Cap: Gear up soldier. It isn't over yet.
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as i am sick and totally out of it, i think ive had so much cough medicine and cold and flu crap that im like totally zonked!!
:sleep: anywho....
Your Amazing Avengers Piece has been featured in part 2 of my 3 part Marvel featurette here [link]
Im sorry its a bit late... like REALLY!!! late, my feature has been up for like 3 weeks and i havent told any of you... *feels bad*
Anywho... (lol second time ive said that) Captain America would be proud,
I must now go send this message to another 30 people....

okay offically my WORST FORM MESSAGE EVER!!! i guess the cold and flu medicine really does zonk you out...

PS. comments on my feature are always appreciated (well demanded) please and thank you
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Excellent work my fella' :iconamericanflagplz:
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and i always wandered who did the colours. helluva job
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Especially awesome! Love this sort of understated yet powerful color!
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