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Cap. America 26 interior page

This is the first page I colored in issue 26 of Marvel Knights' Captain America. The pencils are by Chris Bachalo and inks by Tim Townsend. I did a few things I don't normally do on this one. First off I went out and took photos of the sky to find a nice subtle backdrop for this pic. Chris likes to use photos in his colors, so I thought I'd keep with it. Another thing is that Chris only drew about 4 bombs in this pic, so the small ones at the top of the page were from me. I just duplicate the ones there and scaled them down.
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so steve invented bomb riding
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Love this image. It is one of my fave Cap pics out there. Love the gloomy coloring and Cap looks fantastic.
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Of course he had to be well endowed and be seen on a phallic symbol of power or no one would have taken him seriously! LOL
Captain America obviously had to well endowed and riding on a phallic symbol of power! LOL
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really nice work
i wish i could colour like you with photoshop..check out my gallery to see how i coulour xDDDD
well my question is why did you decide to choose this form on his shield not the round one??
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I got to get that comic! =D
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Alright bringing the old school triangle shield!
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Chris Bachalo rocks! It's gotta be great working with him
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I just finished reading this series in a TPB, and the shit is tight. Dont know if you did the colors on the whole thing. but when I saw this cover in the book it was one of my faves for sure! such a bad-ass pose...captain america surfing on bombs!
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Adding those bombs REALLY pumped the composition. Excellent colors. Very Dr. Strangelove.
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Cap. America
You will be missed
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It is amazing to see a great hero like cap like this in all his glory
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I really dig your color choices on this one.
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when I saw this as a thumb, I thought the shield was shaped like a heart. Anyway, amazing job!
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Fantastic piece.
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love this shot, always have..included it in dA's tribute to the dream [link]
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Thanks! Although the submission by Soupnutz on that page is copyright infringement. He is not the original artist. It's taken from the cover of Captian America 13 for Marvel comics and has been resigned by him. [link]
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damn, thanks for letting me know!
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:tears: Hope you don't mind, I've used this for a tribute in my journal
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Now THAT'S the Cap I know and love! Awsome!
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Can you tell me why dose Waptain America's Shild changes shape from round to "shild" shaped. I was never a fan of him but it has always bothered me. (please tell me it's to do with story and not just what each artist thinks is best).
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When the first comicbooks of Cap started (during WW2, that's when the character first appeared on the market, way before Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby did him) he had that "shield-shaped" shield.

In the Kirby-age the artist redesigned him a little reshaping his shield to the well known disc.

So now most modern comicstories where Cap is fighting in WW2 refer to "shield-shape" iin regards to his original look and to make it appeal more vintage. So it is basicly depending on the story.
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