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Brave and the Bold 21

By BrianReber
Cover to Brave and the Bold #21 from DC comics. Linework by Dougie Braithwaite and colors by Brian Reber(me).

This one was fun. I've always loved the team-up of GL and GA.
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Doug Braithwaite is a legend, met him at a bristol comic convention and he is such a nice guy and talented pencil artist...your colours go really well with his work, great job!
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Love the colour, the shading, the poses.... EVERYTHING
Fanoom's avatar
Love the colour, the shading, the poses.... EVERYTHING
leafinsectman's avatar
I love it! And I love the team-up as well. Keep up the good work! :w00t:
RoderickCissan's avatar
yup i love their team up also!!!!
sialinjektai's avatar
yawn,,,... it's donely amazing... love green arrow and green lantern too.... i've ever watch them on smallville//... but it isn't better if they took they'r custom

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The colors are awesome. I especially love the contrast between the fire and the sky. Beautiful.
BlueWolfD's avatar
Gah how awesome is that! Great colors as always! I'm still striving to learn lol
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GL+GA is always a great team! Love those colors: at same time soft, but with great contrast and looks like it's part of the original lineart, and it's not as somebody just put some colors and over. It's part of it. Great colors, great team. Congrats!
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I dig this a lot, Brian. My only minor gripe would be that Ollie's beard, mustache, and hair look a little too green.
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Yea I notice that too now that you mention it. Not sure what happened there cause those aren't the tones I would have started with. Oh well, I went through a bunch of tweaks so I some point I must have changed it and not fixed it. Although I'm not sure why I would have went with lime must of been absent minded.
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Maybe he just REALLY likes jello?
BrenGun's avatar
wow great job!!!!
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This is absolutely gorgeous. You guys make a fantastic team! I'm not normally a fan of color over pencils but this is just so much fun to stare at, there's so much depth created by both the colors and the pencils. I'm so glad to have seen this in my messages this morning!
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For what it's worth, I love it!!!!
djinn-world's avatar
WOW! COOl! Not enough green arrow art on deviantart!
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Your and Braithwaite make a very effective team (imo). This piece is really well done.

Only a very minor crit:
the opacity of the colour near GL's head (the spacefield) looks a bit heavy... the colour throughout is very translucent and the opaqueness of the purple/blue hues doesn't seem to lend to the same sense of depth achieved in the head profile.

...on the other hand, that's the logo area, which may be better served by being placed on a more defined colour field.
Retoucher07030's avatar
You can't be serious! DaiKaiju is a professional artist. Don't offer unsolicited critiques to professionals, especially to somebody who's talent is far beyond yours. It's rude and also makes you look slightly insane.
TonyDennison's avatar
Well, you're right. He is a professional and his talent is well beyond mine. However, I'm sure if he doesn't want any crits or comments he can tell me himself or disable the comments, right?

Also, I don't make comments to attack anyone—I respect the mans work... it's just an opinion.
y2jenn's avatar
I'm quite surprised by your comment, actually, if you don't mind me saying. As artists, we're continuously growing and reshaping ourselves in our work and experiences. To suggest that professionals are beyond the critiques of those who may not do work on a professional level goes against our very nature as artists.

That critique wasn't rude. It was merely one artist sharing their thoughts with another. That is, after all, why dA is here... to encourage artists and appreciators to interact with each other.
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