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Dollar Mending

Dollar Mending is an authentic East Indian music video; or at least it is as far as I can tell from the foreign language cable channels. There's a story in there somewhere, see if you can pick it out. Animation by Brian Gould. Music by Daler Mehndi.
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Amazing ! The best Flash animation that I ever seen ! XD
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one of my alllllll time favs ...EVER !!!!!! it was this deviation that made me join dA ... THX !
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I saw this somewhere years ago, just found it again! This video is just epic win XD Thank you for making our lives a bit more hilarious.
indian power rangers
i love it xD
the song is called Tunak Tunak Tun
and the artist is Daler Mehndi not dollar mending ;)
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That's how it's credited.
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Problem with it cutting out halfway through should be fixed, please let me know if it still doesn't work for you (and as much information as possible, thanks).
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to all yall bitching that this is racist cause of the turban, heres the official video...with the SAME. TURBAN.

This is so great
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ROFLMAO wtf xD :lmao:
lol......this is nice!
Hmmm...this seems to have a very complex story.

A woman falls in love with 5 gay men (rainbow colors) and they travel to the ends of the earth to get away from her rather than come clean about their oriantation...but she's very persistant and finds herself a flying carpet to track them down one by one...close?

Kidding aside, It was entertaining.
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jesus that song was awesome, im going to listen to it again, then download it lol ;x
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this is so funny now im going to have the song in my head all day...
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i saw this 2 years ago...had to go on to dig it up, i like this thing.
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I love that like more than life.
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simply put, outstanding. Incredible detail and even awesome tune-age! ( I too dabble with Flash, incidentally so know how difficult it is to put something like this together ). Keep up the great work.

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so he is like going after that girl or something.... did you seriously make this from a REAL music video? that is insane!.... reallly catchy though
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That was masterfully BRILLIANT.
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This was...ehm...random ^_^'
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